News & Announcements
News & Announcements
In an effort to share our intellectual work and foster collaborative community amongst DSE SIG members, we want to showcase recent books/articles and other forms of publication and idea sharing from the wider DSE SIG community. Please email with any publication information you would like to share in our News and Announcements section.

Book Series from Teachers College Press: Disability, Culture, & Equity (series editors, Alfredo J Artiles and Elizabeth B. Kozleski). Please click on the linked text for more information.

Does compliance matter in Special education? by Catherine Kramarczuk Voulgarides
Teaching for inclusion. New York, NY. Teachers College Press. by Srikala Naraian

Recchia S., and Lee, Y. (2013) Inclusion in the Early Childhood Classroom: What Makes a Difference? New York, NY. Teachers College Press.

Kim, E & Acquino K. C. (2017). Disability as diversity in higher education: Policies and practices to enhance student success. (edited volume). New York, NY: Routledge.

Gabel, S. J., & Connor, D. J. (2014). Disability and teaching. New York: Routledge.  Phyllis Jones, (Ed., 2014). Bringing Insider Perspectives into Inclusive Teacher Learning: Potentials and challenges for educational professionals. London: Routledge College Press.


Danforth, S. (2018). Disability in the Family: John and Alice Dewey Raising Their Son, Sabino. Teacher College Record.

Connor, D. J. (2017). Who is responsible for the racialized practices evident within (special) education and what can be done to change them? Theory into Practice. 56(3), 226-233.

Broderick, A. & Lavani, P. (2017). Dysconscious ableism: toward a liberatory praxis in teacher education. International Journal of Inclusive Education 21(9)

Snow, C. (2017). If you show up, they'll surprise you. ASCD 74(7), 30-34.,-They%27ll-Surprise-You.aspx

McCloskey, E. (2018). Ratio profiling: the discursive construction of the continuum of alternative placements. Disability and Society 33(5).

Hernandez-Saca, Kahn and Cannon (2018). Intersectionality dis/ability research: How Dis/ability research in education engages intersectionality to uncover the multidimensional construction of dis/abled experiences. Review of Educational Research 42(1) 


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SIG Newsletters
2013 DSE SIG Newsletter (please click on the link to access the Newsletter)
AERA Statement on the Hateful Acts in Charlottesville
August 18, 2017
The American Educational Research Association condemns racism in all its forms and joins others throughout our nation in the fight to eradicate hate, injustice, and racial violence. The recent events in Charlottesville not only make visible how White supremacy, racism, antisemitism, religious persecution, homophobia, and xenophobia continue to permeate our society, but also remind us of the critical importance of studying, analyzing, and broadly communicating about these patterns and structures. Our social responsibility as a community of education researchers is to engage in producing knowledge and to share that knowledge with clarity and integrity.
A wide range of scholarship can and must be used to inform and engage current and future generations in the multiple stories of our pasts, the realities of our presents, and the critical demands of our futures. We need to uncover and analyze how our educational system is connected to our past and present legacies of racism in all of its forms—how our institutions and practices persistently reproduce inequities. We must also develop the knowledge and evidence that can lead to practices and policies that address hate, support understanding and respect of others, and disrupt the divisive patterns of disparity and denigration. Researchers, together with educators across all levels of education, must confront the racism, xenophobia, power and privilege, and injustice that permeate the ordinary life of our nation and world and interrogate and teach the histories of our past. No one should leave our educational institutions thinking that the expressions of hate that were on display in Charlottesville are just legitimate “points of view” or acceptable acts of “free speech.” No one should leave our classrooms or campuses believing that the symbols of oppression and killing are mere logos.
Education is fundamentally about our futures as a nation and a world, for education can empower the next generation of human beings who can promote and protect human rights, build institutions, make laws, create knowledge and art, and imagine and make possible a just world. AERA is committed to providing the knowledge base and working with other scientific organizations to support educators and others in our communities to be able to confront hate and to teach all people to know the histories of slavery, racism, genocide, inhumanity, oppression, colonialism, and White supremacy, as well as to know and learn from the stories of those who have fought and devoted their lives to justice. We strive to make known and foster the use of research on institutional and individual factors that engender prejudice and acts of violence against groups. As researchers, we must be prepared to support educators with tools, knowledge, and expertise to notice, name, deal with, and confront these issues as they arise in our contemporary world, our communities, and in our institutions and classrooms.
Now is the time, as new school and academic years commence, to ensure that we do not ignore or forget the realities that underlie what we have just experienced nor resume a normalcy that belies the scholarship that we have. AERA is committed to continuing this conversation as we go from city to city. It is our priority in planning for the 2018 Annual Meeting in April in New York and speaks to the very heart of this year’s theme—“The Dreams, Possibilities, and Necessity of Public Education.”
Deborah Loewenberg Ball, AERA President
Felice J. Levine, AERA Executive Director


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