AERA 2020
AERA 2020

Dear Holistic Ed SIG members

Thank you for an amazing 2019 Conference in Toronto.

We now set our planning onto 2020 to be hosted in San Francisco, CA for April 17 – 21. You can read more here:


Key dates to remind you of are:

 10 May 2019 – Calls for submission open

13 May 2019 – Deadline to register as a reviewer close

10 July 2019 – Close of submissions


We now invite you to register as a reviewer.


How to Sign Up:

  1. To sign up online, Log in to AERA. 
  2. After you login, click ‘My AERA’ at the top of the page. 
  3. On the ‘My AERA’ page, scroll down to the 2020 Annual Meeting and click ‘Online Program Portal’.

Should you be selected to serve on a panel, you will receive an invitation in early June. The review period is a 3-week timeframe from August 10-31.

Review Panels will be constituted to be inclusive of well-qualified researchers knowledgeable across the span of research topics, methods, and modes of inquiry likely to be considered by a submission unit. AERA considers an invitation to serve on a peer review panel to be an honor and recognition of your qualifications to contribute to making meritorious decisions regarding submissions for the 2020 Annual Meeting. 

Volunteers will be considered for invited Panel reviewers based on criteria such as:
(a) experience in some form of peer reviewing, 
(b) service on other professional review panels, 
(c) knowledge of the field, 
(d) scholarly productivity or roles that require research expertise, 
(e) knowledge of the emerging literature, and 
(f) broad knowledge of a range of researchers and research specialties in an area.


We really look forward to your support and working with you as we begin the first stages of the program formation for 2020 and showcase our Holistic Education SIG.


Take care


Jennifer, Michelle, Narelle, Stephanie, and Laurel


Jennifer Killham and Michelle Tichy (Co-Chairs)

Narelle Lemon and Stephanie Fages (Program Chairs)

Laurel Tien (Secretary)

SIG Newsletters
Lisa Bass, assistant professor in the Department of Educational Leadership, Policy and Human Development, authored and edited the recently-released Black Mask-ulinity: A Framework for Black Masculine Caring. Published by Peter Lang, the book engages readers in an analysis and understanding of Black Masculine Caring (BMC), an emerging theoretical framework that examines both how black males express care and what types of care they need to thrive.
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