News & Announcements
News & Announcements

The Technology, Instruction, Cognition and Learning (TICL) SIG is seeking nominations for our annual research awards: the Outstanding Early Career Researcher Award and the Outstanding International Collaboration Award. Self or peer nominations are welcome!

The Outstanding Early Career Researcher Award is presented to early career scholars (within 5 years of degree completion) who demonstrate research leadership and academic achievements at the intersection of technology, instruction, cognition and learning. 

The Outstanding International Research Collaboration Award is presented to international research collaborators (2 or more members from 2 or more countries) whose scholarly contributions have contributed to research at the intersection of technology, instruction, cognition and learning. 

Nominations are due January 31 each year via email to TICL SIG Chair.

TICL Communications Chair
The Communications Officer shall assist the Program Chair, consult with the Senior Advisor and assist in carrying out the Chair’s responsibilities.  The Communications Officer participates in the program training session delivered by AERA, helps the Program Chair to confirm the review criteria, to select the submission review panels, to organize the program, to select session chairs and discussants; solicits news items for the newsletter, creates newsletters to distribute regularly, updates and maintains the website as well as social media channels.

Length of term: 1 year - automatic succession of the following offices: from Communications Chair, to Program Chair, to Chair, to Past Chair,

You may self-nominate or nominate someone else for this important leadership role. If you nominate someone else, please ask if the person is willing to accept the nomination, and if elected is willing to serve, before you submit a nomination.

Nominees’ information will be screened, and finalists submitted in October. The TICL elections will be part of the general AERA elections, which require at least two nominations for each position. Elections will open in January and candidates will be notified of election results in February. The term begins in immediately following the national conference.

Any current, non-student, member of the AERA Technology, Instruction, Cognition and Learning SIG is eligible.

Nominations must be submitted to the TICL Chair in each year in October with “TICL Nomination” in the subject line. Include the following items:

* nominee’s full name and title
* institutional affiliation and position
* email address
* short biography (250 word or fewer) to be used on the ballot
TICL Session Chair/Discussants

We encourage you to participate in the 2020 AERA Annual Meeting will be held Friday, April 17 – Tuesday, April 21 in San Francisco as volunteer session chair or discussant. The quality of the AERA Annual Meeting depends on education researchers with appropriate expertise who serve as chairs and discussants for paper sessions and roundtables.

How to Volunteer:

Click "Log in" at
Click "My AERA" at the top of the page
Scroll down to the 2020 Annual Meeting Online Portal and click "Volunteer to be a Session Chair or Discussant"
Select your preferred role for SIG-Technology, Instruction, Cognition, & Learning