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TICL invites proposals that apply research to or investigate topics with a special focus on technology, instruction, cognition and learning.


Based on recent TICL programs, potential topics include (but are not limited to): Learning Analytics, Mapping of Knowledge, Adaptive Learning Systems, Hybrid Human-Computer Systems, Immersive and Game-based Learning Environments, Expertise and Expert Performance, Computational Thinking, Knowledge and Data Visualization, Automated Assessment, Simulation-based Training, and Model-based Reasoning.

Intact symposia may be submitted, although the greatest flexibility is offered by individual paper submissions, especially when authors indicate openness to alternative presentation formats. The roundtable format provides a great venue for in-depth conversations. This format, as well as the poster session format, allow for greater interaction than a paper session.

Paper submission should be a Word or PDF document, double-spaced, and less than 2,000 words in length. The following elements must be addressed, even if your results or conclusions are not complete at the time of the submission:

 - Objectives or purposes
 - Perspective(s) or theoretical framework
 - Methods, techniques, or modes of inquiry
 - Data sources, evidence, objects, or materials
 - Results and/or substantiated conclusions for arguments/point of view
 - Scientific or scholarly significance of the study or work

You can upload your submission online at Notifications of acceptance or rejection will be emailed early November.

If you are willing to serve as chair or discussant for TICL, please submit your interest through the conference system.

How to Join Us

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