Who We Are
Who We Are
Special Education Research SIG Officers
SIG Officers


Meghan Cosier, PhD
Associate Professor of Special Education and Disability Studies
Director, Thompson Policy Institute
Attallah College of Educational Studies
Chapman University
Email: cosier@chapman.edu 

Program Chair

Taucia Gonzalez, PhD
Assistant Professor of  Special Education 
Disability & Psychoeducational Studies
University of Arizona
Email: tauciagonzalez@email.arizona.edu


Katie McCabe, PhD
Assistant Professor of Special Education
Teaching and Learning
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Email: kmccabe2@uccs.edu

Graduate Student Representatives

Jennifer Cowhy, Northwestern University
Email: jennifercowhy2022@u.northwestern.edu

Shameeka M. Wilson, Standford University 
Email: smwilso8@stanford.edu

Neurodiversity and Autism Research in Education Committee (NAREC) Chair

Heather Brown, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
University of Alberta 
Email: heather2@ualberta.ca

NAREC C0-Chair

Amy Accardo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 
Faculty Director of the Center for Neurodiversity
Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education Department
Rowan University
Email: Accardo@rowan.edu

NAREC Secretary/Treasurer

Marisa A. Kofke

NAREC Officer

Matthew C. Zajic, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor
Teachers College
Columbia University
Email: mcz2114@tc.columbia.edu

Kristie Asaro-Saddler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
University at Albany
Email: ksaddler@albany.edu 

NAREC Graduate Student Chairs

Nick Denomey, University of Alberta 
Email: denomey@ualberta.ca

Maria A. Silva, Florida International University 
Email: msilv185@fiu.edu


Structure & Governance
Structure & Governance
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