Dissertation Award
Career Achievement Award

Career Achievement Award Description

This award shall be presented biannually to one or more scholars for a single body of work. The purpose of the award is to recognize an individual (or individuals sharing the award) whose work has made a significant and lasting contribution to rural educational scholarship.


The Rural Education Career Achievement Award is presented biannually to the person (or persons sharing the award) who meet the following criteria as approved by the SIG and Council: According to the Call for Nominations for the Rural Education Career Achievement Award, selection of this award will be based on the materials presented.

1.     The materials provided demonstrate a significant contribution to the field of rural education scholarship. A significant contribution is defined as one or more contributions deemed critically important to the field by the Committee.

2.     The materials provided demonstrate a lasting contribution to the field of rural educational scholarship. Lasting is defined as a body of work that spans years.

3.     The materials provided demonstrate a high degree of engagement with rural schools and communities. Materials should have a high degree of rural salience, where rurality is the focus, rather than the setting or backdrop of the research.


2022, Dr. Jayne Downey

2020, Dr. Michael Corbet, Re-placing Rural Education  

2019, Drs. Aimee and Craig Howley, How Blue Was my Valley