Distinguished Scholar Award
The Research on Evaluation (RoE) SIG sponsors an annual Research on Evaluation Distinguished Scholar Award. This award seeks to recognize an individual whose cumulative body of work attends to and advances theory or methods within the field of evaluation. Research on evaluation is distinct from the implementation of an evaluation framework, with a broader focus than individual evaluation studies or the results of individual evaluations.

Nominees will be evaluated by the RoE SIG’s Executive Committee based on the following criteria: 

The researcher has made a significant contribution to evaluation research for 10 years or more as evidenced by: 

1) the number and quality of peer reviewed publications addressing evaluation research 
2) the type and quality of presentations on evaluation theory and methods
3) the recipient of competitive grants/professional contracts to conduct research on evaluation
4) the body of work must have had a significant impact at the national or international level

The following information must be received for each nominee: name, professional affiliation, current curriculum vitae, two letters of support, and a cover letter which includes their professional research accomplishments in evaluation and a rationale of their merit for receipt of the award. All information must be emailed to the SIG’s Secretary-Treasurer. The Chair will announce the nomination each year in January.
Our Scholars

Dr. Frances Lawrenz

Dr. Nick Smith

Dr. Chris L.S. Coryn

Dr. Michael Fetterman

Dr. J. Bradley Cousins

Dr. Paul Brandon

Frequently Asked Questions
1) What types of publications are needed?

Applicants should include peer-reviewed publications of their work spanning at least ten years. Note, the applicant may include professional work completed during graduate school.

2) What type of presentations are considered?

Presentations that focus on the development of theory, methods, or meta-evaluation activities that advance the knowledge base for research on evaluation should be highlighted and emphasized.

3) What work qualifies as grants or contracts to conduct research on evaluation?

We recognize that our applicant pool includes institutional researchers as well as evaluation contractors. To address this criterion, applicants need to describe financial support or awards that have supported the development of theory, methods, or meta-evaluation activities that advance the knowledge base for research on evaluation.

4) What is the scale of work required for the award?

This award seeks to honor prolific researchers who have impacted the field nationally and internationally. The applicant should emphasize the scope of the impact at both levels.