Professors of Educational Research SIG 81
Professors of Educational Research SIG 81
SIG Purpose
The purpose of the SIG is to promote and maintain discussions about the latest approaches, theories, methods, and practices relevant to educational research philosophy and methodology (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods) and to generate and disseminate knowledge about effective practices for teaching educational research. The SIG also will promote dialog and collaboration with other social/behavioral science fields in discussing, generating, and promoting advances in research practices.
Message from the SIG Chair

Welcome to the Professors of Educational Research SIG

Together, let's leverage our role as academics who prepare future generations of researchers to ask better questions and arrive at better answers about how theory, methods, relationships, and ethics in the teaching and practice of research are complicit in maintaining the status quo in ways that have contributed to the current moment we face as a nation, and the ways in which they are disruptive with the aim of constructing better knowledge that can aid in dismantling violence against Communities of Color, racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, nativism, anti-immigrant stances, and more. 

Together, let's engage in critical pláticas, or conversations, about what research is, how it contributes to knowledge construction, how it unnecessarily or necessarily leaves out some voices but not others, and what mechanisms it might offer to check our biases.

Together, let's identify research methodologies that have democratizing potential and explore how we might engage these in our teaching and research.

Marta Sánchez, Chair 2020-2021

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Who We Are

SIG Officers


Marta Sánchez, University of North Carolina Wilmington,

Program Chair

Sarah Ferguson, Rowan University,


Norma A. Guzmán, Texas A&M Kingsville,

Past Chairs

Courtney McKim, 2019-2020, University of Wyoming

Maria Vasquez, 2018-2019, Florida Atlantic University

Professors of Educational Research SIG Outstanding Paper Award

This award will be presented to the conference paper deemed to be most outstanding. The award will be presented at the Business Meeting the year after the paper is presented at the conference.
Key Initiatives

The 2020-2021 Executive Committee is planning to offer a series of virtual workshops for its graduate student members. We are currently seeking faculty SIG members to volunteer to support graduate student members in uncertain times. 

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