Message from SIG Chair
Message from SIG Chair
SIG Chair

What an exciting time it is for relating “Knowledge to Action”! As the SIG for Professional Development School Research, we will be aligning our efforts with the 2017 AERA Annual Meeting’s theme, “Knowledge to Action: Achieving the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity.”

Reflecting on our theme, I wonder about the many benefits to students if inquiring minds purposefully study questions of equal educational opportunity. Might we collaborate on equal access to school and program quality, on marginal and poor student outcomes, on social disparities, on creating teaching and student engagement, and even on the various aspects of violence in schools? The “so what” questions matter, even though at times they seem endless. Yet that is where sharing our members' research and significant findings can help implement and sustain strategies for improving Professional Development Schools in the future.

I have witnessed the value of sharing Professional Development Schools’ research and best practices with partners around the world. Discussions of theories, contexts, methodologies, technologies, policies, and practices have established programs and even accelerated them, grounded with real-life examples of what works well. Collaboration is certainly one of the most important keys to effective advancements.

Much has been accomplished within the past 60 years, yet there is so much more to achieve with our colleagues. Building on this SIG's foundation, the future looks bright as we work together increasing access to equal educational opportunities.

As members of this SIG, we have three goals to accomplish together. The first is to share our research with others on a global stage. The second is to increase membership in the PDSR SIG. The third is to establish and use social media to capture the most recent research data and input regarding best practices. I want all of us to be fully engaged in professional practices. Let us become deliberate partners, using significant research findings as leverage, to expand and broaden our base for access to equal educational opportunities within schools and communities.

Diverse populations are counting on educational researchers to help them manage a variety of social issues. Our strategies and decisions can certainly have an impact on how individuals and groups operate in functional settings. Please communicate with the SIG throughout the year. Choose to be an active participant in researching, then utilizing findings in a meaningful manner.

I consider my role within the SIG to be that of a facilitator, encouraging and supporting your efforts. I will also be your advocate. So join me on Twitter and Facebook as you communicate your questions, stories, and findings. Then, at the Annual Meeting in San Antonio this April 27 through May 1, 2017, we will unite to celebrate our findings with successful strategies for expanding access to equal educational opportunity.

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