Who We Are
Who We Are
SIG Purpose

The PaRTTE SIG provides a forum for a community of scholars and practitioners interested in the parameters and possibilities of reflection and self-reflective portfolios as avenues of inquiry, strategies for growth, and phenomenon of the human experience. The SIG serves scholars across various fields of study, practitioners within distinct occupational realms, and those working in both preparation and in-service domains. Recent lines of inquiry include, for example, the connection between reflection and transformative professional action, portfolios as vehicles for collaborative reflection, and the role of reflection and self-reflective portfolios in our work with students from diverse backgrounds.

Profile of SIG 77 Members

The SIG membership includes both scholars and practitioners. We draw members from various fields of study and occupations. Members are involved in both pre-service and in-service work. We serve graduate students, early-to-mid-career and senior scholars and practitioners. Some members have extensive experience with the use of reflection and self-reflective portfolios, others are new to this line of inquiry. Members employ various methods of inquiry and application.

SIG Officers

Regina M. Murphy, Ph.D.
Saint Patrick's College (Dublin City University)

Program Chair
Chin-Wen Jean Lee, Ph.D.
Beyond Inclusion Educational Services / Focus on the Family, Taiwan


Please contact the SIG Officers if you would like to participate in the Program Committee.

Structure & Governance

See the SIG By-Laws.