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Meetings & Other Events
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The Impact of Trauma on Learning- Part II: An East Meets West Approach with Alaine D. Duncan

Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020.  12:00-2:00PM EST

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Workshop on Sunday, Aug. 30th 2020

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 "Accepting Educational Responsibility for Peace"

Orlando, Florida April 9-12, 2021 


Peace Education Special Interest Group Call for Presentations

The 2021 Annual AERA Conference theme aims to challenge education researchers to position themselves as citizen-scholars to accept our responsibility to produce scholarship that advances “Equity and justice in … places [that] depend as much on our deep thinking as they do on what we do with what we know.”  This challenge encourages education researchers to accept greater responsibility for the longstanding social and educational inequities by considering the larger social contexts in which we conduct our work. The Peace Education SIG has long aimed to make our findings actionable for the practitioners, communities, and networks with whom we interact to generate new knowledge related to peace issues to enable the well-being of historically marginalized students, families, and educators in complicated spaces.

This year’s program calls for exemplary and effective practices that go beyond documenting racial, cultural, and linguistic inequity across all levels of education. It calls for critical reflection about what it means to accept educational responsibility in our work in peace education and how to document our findings in ways that lead to a meaningful reduction in the cyclical reproduction of these educational inequities.  As such, we are looking to receive proposals from a broad range of presenters from across the USA and around the world on topics typically associated with peace education (Kester, 2008): 

  •          dismantling the culture of war
  •          living with justice and compassion
  •          cultivating inner peace
  •          building cultural respect, reconciliation, and solidarity
  •          living in harmony with the earth
  •          promoting human rights and responsibilities

Due to the heightened consciousness born of recent events, we are especially encouraging peace education submissions related to:

  •        Black, Brown, and other peoples of color
  •        Family Separations
  •        LGBTQ 
  •        COVID 19

For general information on how to submit your proposal to present your research at the 2021 Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida go to:

Do not forget to select our SIG when submitting your proposals on peace education related topics!  You may also contact me with questions about submitting proposals to our SIG at  or at

Past AERA Annual Meetings

OP-Ed Workshop (on July 26th 2020)

Co-ED workshop  

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2020 san francisco, ca (april 17-21, 2020)
the theme is “the power and possibilities for the public good when researchers and organizational stakeholders collaborate."

Peace SIG News!!

Dr. Wayne Au, a professor of University of Washington (Bothell), is invited for a Peace SIG business meeting speaker.

2016 Washington, D.C. 
Theme: Public Scholarship to Educate Diverse Democracies

2015 - Chicago, IL

2014 - Philadelphia, PA
2013 - San Francisco, CA

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