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Meetings & Other Events
2021 Annual Meeting Call

Dear Foucault and Contemporary Theories in Education SIG members, friends and colleagues,

The 2021 AERA conference is to be held in Orlando, FL, April 9-12, 2021. The conference theme is: Accepting Educational Responsibility, and submissions are due by July 22.

The full AERA call is available here: “Accepting Educational Responsibility.” For the Foucault and Contemporary Theories in Education SIG we ask in what ways this call provokes diverse theoretical and philosophical approaches in response to the tumultuous times we are currently experiencing? We are asked, in the general call, to accept responsibility as citizens, as:

Education researchers are not merely scholars; we are also citizens of the places in which our scholarship is produced, disseminated, and implemented. Equity and justice in these places depend as much on our deep thinking as they do on what we do with what we know. Racism, xenophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and other manifestations of hate continually poison these places. Mass shootings occur in too many places close to where we live and do our academic work. Sexism, sexual harassment, and sexual assault occur too often within and beyond our workplaces. Myriad consequences of wealth inequity negatively affect people inside of and around the places where many of us think, teach, research, and write. Attendees of the 2021 AERA Annual Meeting will be empowered to accept greater responsibility for social problems that plague places around the world. Our identities as citizens and as scholars will be embraced.

What can our SIG thinking add to the urgent actions necessary in these times? How can we work as educational communities in relation to the crucial and important events that have disrupted and upset educational certainties already in the first half of 2020 alone? The Foucault and Contemporary Theories in Education SIG of AERA wants to specifically draw attention to contributions that can support educational thought and action in relation to the AERA general CFP. That is, we invite thinking about Foucault’s archaeological/genealogical analytic, and notions of power/knowledge and governmentality, as well as to the roles that contemporary theoretical developments can make to the educational problems faced today.

In particular this invitation includes a call for submissions that highlight Foucauldian and contemporary theoretical responses to the global pandemic. Along these lines, scholars may consider the following questions: How might post-humanist and new materialisms help us reconsider how organizations and educational institutions respond to Covid-19 and its ongoing impact? How might other contemporary theories (broadly defined) help us reimagine educational and historical spaces and what we can learn from them in uncertain times? How might contemporary theories help educational scholars critique, rethink and respond to institutional actions in relation to financial and pedagogical shifts and uncertainties? How might philosophical thought help us reconsider the relationships within and between organizations and educational entities? How do political theories complicate policy and ideological aspirations within and between organizations and educational entities? How much do ethical considerations (broadly defined) reflect or sway power relationships within the global pandemic? Finally, how might contemporary theories problematize the representation of data in research studies, and relatedly, how might this crisis of representation pose ethical challenges in times of Covid-19 and related concerns?

We invite authors to submit their work to the Foucault and Contemporary Theories in Education SIG on these and other related questions. Please follow the 2021 Annual Meeting call for submissions by July 22, 11:59 pm PDT.

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