IES Reauthorization
IES Reauthorization
AERA Report and Recommendations for Reauthorization of Institute of Education Sciences

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The AERA Report and Recommendations for the Reauthorization  of the Institute of Education Sciences is the product of an 18-  month project by an AERA task force. The AERA Council  unanimously adopted the report and recommendations in  February 2011. The report examines six areas of operation  central to advancing IES as a premier research agency. Based  on open forums, workshops, interviews, and fact finding, this  AERA report offers 16 recommendations to inform Congress,  the Department of Education, and other relevant stakeholders  in considering IES reauthorization.

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Current Legislation
Education Sciences Reform Act of 2002
Current legislation providing the structure and processes for the federal education research and statistics programs is provided in the Education Sciences Reform Act of 2002.