Vancouver Preview, April 17, 2012
Vancouver Preview, April 17, 2012

For multimedia news updates, visit Vancouver News: Spotlight on the 2012 AERA Annual Meeting.

Attend the Open Business Meeting

The AERA Open Business Meeting provides a time for Association members to discuss important issues regarding education research and the work of AERA. Read more

WERA to Hold Two Open Forums

The World Education Research Association is holding open forums on Poverty and the Opportunity to Learn Worldwide and International Issues in Education Research Ethics and Conduct on Tuesday. Read more

Evaluating Charter Schools: Beyond Average Achievement Effects
Charter schools continue to be controversial, as many people still debate their effectiveness and whether to promote them through formal policies. Read more

Indigenous Perspectives of Educational Leadership Norms in Southeast Asia
Read more

Moving Advanced High School Courses to Poverty-Impacted Urban Settings: Multidisciplinary Research on Rigor, Access, Learning, and Engagement
As greater numbers of urban schools adopt rigorous curriculum—certainly a trend today—unanticipated problems arise, most notably student failure, which can impact negatively not only students’ school achievement but their learner identity and their own sense of college readiness. Read more

Gutter Rainbows and Concrete Roses: Utilizing Community Cultural Wealth to Find Beauty in the Hideous
This year’s AERA theme, “Non Satis Scire: To Know Is Not Enough,” calls on the educational researcher community to actively engage with communities that exist on the fringes of dominant society and use research “to improve education and serve the public good.” Read more

Measurement Issues in Medical Licensure and Certification
The USMLE® Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS®) examination is a standardized-patient (SP)–based assessment that assesses readiness of physicians to enter supervised practice. Read more

Contribute to the AERA Online Paper Repository
After the meeting, don't forget to ensure that your presentation makes a lasting impact. Contribute your paper to the AERA Online Paper Repository. Read more