AERA Annual Meeting Preview - April 7, 2014
AERA Annual Meeting Preview - April 7, 2014

AERA14 Preview

April 7, 2014

Welcome to the final day of the AERA Annual Meeting. This last AERA14 Preview will provide tips on key sessions and events, as well as other Annual Meeting resources and highlights you won’t want to miss. 

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Key Sessions

AERA Open Business Meeting
8:15 am to 9:45 am
Convention Center, 100 Level – 109B
The AERA Open Business Meeting provides a time for AERA members to discuss important issues regarding education research and the work of AERA. Members are encouraged to attend this meeting convened by AERA President Barbara Schneider.

Value-Added Meets the Schools: The Effects of Using Test-Based Teacher Evaluation on the Work of Teachers and Leaders
10:35 am to 12:05 pm
Convention Center, 100 Level - 113A
Rapid expansion in the use of value-added measures for teacher accountability could potentially have far-reaching effects. While much has been written about the statistical properties of value-added measures, we know much less about their effects on teaching and learning. Four presentations will address a number of critical issues: What effects might value-added have on the teacher workforce? How are state and district leaders interpreting and using these methodologies for decision making? How are teachers making sense of the new evaluation systems, and how is it affecting the way they teach? This symposium will provide initial insights into this dramatic experiment and the impacts on the key actors and components in the system. It will also help develop a future research agenda to explore the policies now being implemented across the country. The papers are part of a group of studies to be published in a special issue of Educational Researcher. Chairs: Carolyn D. Herrington (Florida State University) and Douglas N. Harris (Tulane University). Discussants: Stephen W. Raudenbush (University of Chicago) and Linda Darling-Hammond (Stanford University). 

Edward Dieterle

Taylor Martin

Learning Analytics: Capturing, Analyzing, and Visualizing Experiences of Lifelong Learning
12:25 pm to 1:55 pm 
Convention Center, Terrace Level – Terrace I
Taylor Martin, Utah State University
Edward Dieterle, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Session will also be live-streamed
To enable personalized, lifelong learning, we need education researchers capable of unlocking insights contained in the growing tsunami of student- and teacher- generated data associated with digital tools and environments. Creating a talent base of education researchers with deep analytical talent won’t happen overnight. It will require prioritizing resources, developing and sustaining a professional infrastructure, and creating new research tools capable of capturing, analyzing, and visualizing experiences continuing all through life. 

Changes in the Relationship Between Philanthropy and Education Research
12:25 pm to 1:55 pm
Convention Center, 100 Level –119A

Despite the contraction of federal funds and the current involvement of very large foundations, private dollars comprise a relatively modest share of all funds spent on education research. In this session chaired by Ellen B. Goldring (Vanderbilt University), the panel will foster a dialogue between foundation leaders and education researchers. Four speakers – Adam Gamoran (William T. Grant Foundation), Daniel Greenstein (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Michael S. McPherson (The Spencer Foundation), and Jeannie Oakes (Ford Foundation) – will respond to guiding questions from the moderator, and audience members will be invited to comment and pose further questions. 

Sessions on Brown v. Board of Education
Lessons Lost in Six Decades Since Brown
10:35 am – 12:05 pm
Convention Center, 100 Level –120A
Sixty years after Brown, we lack examples of truly integrated, racially diverse public schools in which all children feel equally valued. In order to understand why, we need to examine not only the policies that have been implemented, but also the fundamental educational issues that have not been addressed. In this session organized by Division G - Social Context of Education and chaired by Bianca J. Baldrige (University of Wisconsin - Madison), participants Vanessa Siddle Walker (Emory University), Terrenda Corisa White (Teachers College, Columbia University), Amy Stuart Wells (Teachers College, Columbia University), and Lauren Fox (Teachers College, Columbia University), will join discussants Gloria J. Ladson-Billings (University of Wisconsin - Madison) and Susan E. Eaton (Harvard University), to explore resurrecting the sociocultural dimensions of race and education.
Brown v. Board of Education at 60: What Happened?
2:15 pm to 3:45 pm
Convention Center, 100 Level – 105 B
Over time, scholars continue to study the various interpretations and implementations of the Brown decision. In this session planned by the Social Justice Action Committee, chair Thandeka K. Chapman (University of California - San Diego) and a panel – James D. Anderson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Carl A. Grant (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Linda Darling-Hammond (Stanford University), Jeannie Oakes (Ford Foundation), David Beaulieu (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee), and Sonia Nieto (University of Massachusetts - Amherst) – will focus on the 60th Anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education 1954 decision. 

International Focus
Poverty and Opportunities to Learn – A Task Force Report in Progress
10:35 am to 12:05 pm  
Convention Center, 100 Level - 122B

The World Education Research Association (WERA) Task Force on Poverty and the Opportunity to Learn Worldwide is examining the state of research related to poverty and sustained conditions of economic deprivation on learning and on access and opportunities to learn. In a session chaired by Michael T. Nettles (ETS), presenters Liesel Ebersohn (University of Pretoria), Carol D. Lee (Northwestern University), and Michael T. Nettles (ETS), and discussants James A. Banks (University of Washington - Seattle), and Lori Diane Hill (AERA and University of Michigan) will consider the contexts and conditions of poverty from a global perspective, the consequences of living with constrained resources, and an absence of social capital in diverse countries and cultures. 

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