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Welcome to the AERA Research on Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent Development webpage.  We have an active SIG with around 200 members.  We hope that you find all of the content that you expect to see here on our RoGCT SIG website!  If something seems to be missing, please email me at, or contact our webmaster at

Fall 2017

Michael S. Matthews, AERA RoGCT SIG Chair

Hello SIG members! We had a great conference in San Antonio earlier this year, with a nice combination of new activities like the SIG’s pre-convention UnConference and traditional favorites like the SIG Social. We already are making plans to repeat these and more for next year! Looking ahead, be sure to mark your calendar with next year’s AERA annual meeting in New York City, on April 13-17, 2018. We have requested a Sunday evening (April 15) time slot for the SIG’s 2018 business meeting, and while they usually honor these requests, we won’t know for sure until AERA finalizes the meeting schedule in early spring.

The fall semester is well underway as I write this, and many of our SIG officers and members have been busy. It may not always be obvious to the casual observer, but it takes quite a bit of work behind the scenes during the year to keep our group moving along smoothly. I understand we received a record number of proposals this year for next spring’s annual meeting in New York City, so Program Chair Anne Rinn and Assistant Program Chair Jennifer Jolly have been busy assigning proposals to reviewers, evaluating reviews, and placing accepted proposals into a variety of sessions. A big thank-you goes out again to all of you who have reviewed proposals for the SIG this year—this is a huge task, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without your help! Those of you who submitted proposals can expect to receive notification of your proposal’s acceptance status sometime in early November.

Speaking of November, we have some important SIG events approaching quickly. Our SIG Executive Committee will meet during the NAGC convention in Charlotte in early November (EC members should keep an eye out for an email with further details once we’ve firmed up the meeting time and place). We will be seeking nominations for the ballot for the SIG leadership roles that will turn over following the 2018 annual meeting in New York (see current positions with expiration dates in April 2018 on our page at Lastly, later in the fall we’ll be reaching out to graduate students who meet eligibility criteria for the SIG’s Graduate Student Travel Award—these criteria are listed on the Awards page of our web site.

Feel free to reach out to me or any of our other SIG leadership team if you’d like to volunteer to be more involved with our SIG’s activities. There are always opportunities to help!

Michael S. Matthews

SIG Chair, RoGCT

April 2017 Board Minutes



SIG—Research on Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent Development


Business Meeting

Friday, April 28 from 6:15 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.

Grand Hyatt San Antonio


Welcome and Introduction from Michael Matthews


SIG leadership meetings were held in November 2016 in Florida and in San Antonio yesterday. This is where the agenda is set and some directions to move the SIG forward.


Congratulations to newly elected SIG Officers, terms beginning May 2, 2017.

a.       Treasurer: Erin Morris Miller

b.      Assistant Program Chair: Jennifer Jolly

c.       Member At Large: Karen Rambo-Hernandez and Donna Ford

d.      Graduate Student Representative: Kristen Lamb

Thank you to Elections Committee members: SIG past Chair Del Siegle, Cindy Gilson, & Jen Foreman.

Thank you to everyone who ran for a position; we had a strong ballot!


Outgoing Graduate Student Representative: Chris Amspaugh. Thank you for your service, including work on the webpage and the newsletter.


Treasurer’s Report— Karen Rambo-Hernandez

Current Balance


            Expected Balance is approximately $5,000

Income & Expenses

            Income about $4,030

            Expenses $6847.30

                                    3 graduate student awards this year

                                    Unconference this year

                                    SIG Social from last year

                                    Paper Awards (stipend, plus the plaques and certificates)

                                    SIG dues to AERA

We will have about 2 years of operating budget in our reserves, which has been deemed as a healthy balance.


SIG Awards—Marcia Gentry (presented by Michael Matthews)

Graduate Student Travel Award winners: Given to current graduate students who have had a paper accepted by the AERA SIG and rated highly. Congratulations to our winners!


Brittany Crawford, University of Louisville

Dianna Mullett, University of North Texas


Path Breaker Award winners: Research and Graduate Student who publish an important work outside of gifted education journal.


Julia Hermann and Franzis Preckel, for the article "Big fish in big ponds: Contrast and assimilation effects on math and verbal self-concepts of students in within-school gifted tracks" by Herrmann, Schmidt, Kessels & Preckel, published in the British Journal of Educational Psychology


Thank you to Marcia Gentry (Awards Chair), her student Alissa Salazar, and committee members Nancy Hertzog, E. Jean Gubbins, Hope Wilson, & Scott Peters


Program Chair Report—David Dai, Program Chair & Anne Rinn, Program Chair-Elect

60ish proposals and 3 session proposals submitted. We accepted 2 sessions and 33 papers have been accepted for this year’s conference. We moved to 5 papers per session, to allow more participation. We tried to include more individual papers, rather than sessions, and find outside voices.


Thank you for all who have submitted, this has made our conference stronger and helped to support our field! We hope that those of you who were not able to be accepted this year will continue to submit research in years moving forward. The more proposals we receive, the more sessions we are allocated by AERA.


This was the first year we have had a structured poster session, which was very successful. It allowed us to hear lots of different research projects and increase engagement.


Thank you to all of our reviewers! This has allowed us to have high quality reviews and enhance our reliability and validity of our review process. 

By-laws Revisions ad-hoc committee report – Michael Matthews and Jill Adelson

Background is that there is a conflict between the bylaws and the election process and our operating procedures. We have been working with AERA central office to rectify and update our bylaws.


Changes: Program Chair position (1 year Assistant Program Chair, 2 year Program Chair, and 1 year as Past Chair) to help decrease the learning curve for the position.


Also update the procedures for replacement of officers who are not fulfilling their responsibilities.


SIG members should receive an electronic ballot soon to vote on these upcoming changes.


Thank you to Jill Adelson (Chair), Alicia Cotabish, Hope Wilson, & Sue Hyeon Paek

Unconference recap—Alicia Cotabish & Betsy McCoach (Debbie Dailey reporting)

Donna Wake, Associate Dean at University of Arkansas Little Rock, helped to facilitate the Unconference. This was an opportunity for us to discuss and have conversations across our field. Topics at the break-outs were determined by the group at the beginning of the conference, about 40 people attended.


This conference was attended as professional development for faculty members. To address graduate students, we would like to plan a social event or networking event for the graduate students.

Mentoring Committee update—Kate Snyder & Rachel Mun

18 total applicants this year, we matched up to 12 this year.

Thank you to both the applicants and mentees/mentors for participating!

Graduate Student Representative, Newsletter, and Webmaster update—Chris Amspaugh

Newsletter is back! We always need content, so think what you can contribute. It will be issued in the Spring and Fall. The Spring newsletter will come out shortly after the conference.


Facebook page is up and running again. Please find our new Facebook page, which will give us up to date information.


Website has been updated, but updates takes a few weeks/months to be updated by AERA.

Membership Update—Michael Matthews

            SIG membership helps members feel more included at AERA.


Membership around 200 members, which has been pretty stable over the years. Thank you to the efforts of Carolyn Callahan who has been instrumental in our past to increase our membership.

SIG social—Chris Amspaugh

SIG Social at the Rio Rio Cantina Riverwalk, 421 East Commerce Street, from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  SIG members $15, SIG graduate students $5, Non-SIG members $20


Thank you to the 9 Centers serving as SIG Social sponsors—list is in email updates. Prufrock Academic Press, University California Berkley Academic Talent Program, GERI at Purdue, National Center for Research on Gifted Education, University of Arkansas-Little Rock Jodie Mahoney Center for Gifted Education, University of North Texas, University of Washington, University of Central Arkansas, University of Louisana- LaFayette Center for Gifted Education

Panel Discussion “Flipping the Question in Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent: Looking Back and Ahead with Questions and Topic to Retire”

Kate Snyder, Moderator

Carolyn Callahan

Jonathan Plucker

Matt Makel

Leonie Kronburg

Ann Robinson


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