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Dear members of the SIG Moral Development and Education of AERA 

I hope you have a good start of 2013. Here are some announcements:

1. The program for the AERA conference is now completed. The schedule will be published at the AERA-website in February. We hope we can meet many of you in San Francisco. Our program chair Deborah Schussler has tried to include as many people as possible.

2. Don't forget to vote for AERA, including for our SIG. We have an election for secretary/treasurer.

3. The next newsletter will be in spring, a few weeks before the conference. Benilde Garcia-Cabrero is again editing the newsletter. She will contact all members, but you can already send your news to her (<>)

4. This week is the deadline of proposals for two other conferences some SIG members are sometimes participating in. The European Conference of Educational Research (ECER), September 10-13, Istanbul. And the Asian-Pacific Network for Moral Education (APNME), June 27-29 Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

5. Our award committees are now working.

Here a request of Elly Vozzola Promise Award Committee Chair

Remember that if one of your graduate students has had a strong paper accepted for the upcoming AERA conference, you should nominate him or her for our Promise Award. The award recognizes graduate students’ scholarly contribution to the MDE program. We use a set of criteria that includes the quality of the presentation at AERA and the extent to which the work makes a substantive contribution to the field. In addition to recognition, if the winner of the award returns to AERA the following year to accept the award in person, he or she will receive a cash award intended to defray some of the costs of travel. Please contact me directly at<> with your nomination so that committee members can attend your student's session. Thank you very much for participating in this important recognition of emerging scholars.

On behalf of the board of officers of AERA SIG MDE


Wiel Veugelers



Dear members of AERA SIG Moral Development and Education (MDE)

AERA 2013 will be in San Francisco, April 27 – May 1. As always before going on holiday, you have to think about submitting proposals to AERA. This year the deadline is July 23.

The board of the SIG Moral Development and Education hopes that many people submit to AERA and to our SIG. As discussed in our business meeting at AERA 2012 in Vancouver we like to have contributions that really are in the field of moral development and education. But we also want contributions that link moral development to other fields and disciplines like multicultural education, citizenship education, neurosciences and biology, sport, sustainability, etc. The theme of the conference is this year ‘Education and Poverty’, a theme very relevant to our SIG. The description of the theme even ends with ‘to include the ways that education theory, research, policy, and praxis contribute to alleviating economic, intellectual and moral poverty.’

Our SIG appreciates different research methods. Contributions with qualitative, quantitative, and philosophical research methods are welcome. Maybe you have noticed that roundtables have become more attractive. You are not anymore sitting alone on a table and waiting for some visitors. Now some papers are grouped together at a table, and in our SIG there is always a chair and a discussant.

The number of sessions a SIG receives depends largely on the amount of proposals. This is an extra argument to stimulate people to submit to our SIG. And of course we hope that you stimulate your colleagues to become member and active participant of our SIG. Our SIG is already quite international, we hope to extend this international orientation further.

This year the board of the SIG consists of the following members:

Wiel Veugelers |  University of Amsterdam/University of Humanistic Studies  |

Pitt Derryberry |  Western Kentucky University  |

Web editor                          
Shawn Lennie  |  University of Toronto  |

Awards Chair                       
Darcia Narvaez  |  University of Notre Dame  |

Benilde Cabrera Garcia  |  Universidad Autonoma de Mexico  |

Program chair for 2013     
Deborah Schussler  |  Villanova University  |

Program chair for 2014    
Dan Fasko  |   Bowling Green State University  |


If you have any questions about AERA 2013, please contact our program chair Deborah Schussler.

For next year we need some new board members, if you are interested, please contact Wiel Veugelers.

And for news, you contact our web editor Shawn Lennie or newsletter editor Benilde Cabrera Garcia.


We wish you a nice summer, hopefully some AERA-proposals, and hope to see you at AERA 2013.

On behalf of the board of the SIG MDE,  

Wiel Veugelers

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