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Hello to all my fellow Division K colleagues,

I am so excited to know that very soon I will be seeing many (perhaps all?) of you at our next gathering in Philadelphia. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than the opportunity to greet each one of you at my first official annual meeting as Division K Vice President. Countless Division K members have worked tirelessly to ensure that it will be a really worthwhile meeting—heartfelt thanks to all 21 section co-chairs, and hundreds of dedicated member reviewers; a special thank you goes to Program Chair Kimberly White-Smith and Associate Program Chair Roxanne Miller. I am pleased to have the opportunity to give you a brief preview of some of what we/they have planned.

I am privileged as VP to be able to invite special sessions that speak to or illuminate critical issues we are confronting in our profession and field. There is no one who cares about teaching and teacher education who is not feeling keenly the sting of public criticism of our work, the pressure to do differently indeed the questioning of our very raison d’être. Neoliberal forces pushing for the corporatization and privatization of schooling, education as the new entrepreneurial frontier for venture fund capitalists, high stakes testing high-jacking the curriculum, teacher evaluations as the new tool for compliance and punishment, the proliferation of alternate, fasttrack routes into teaching (handsomely funded by the federal government), and on and on…have us in defensive stance, pushed to react rather than act! Still, we have to also be honest and admit our culpability in enabling these external forces to grow in strength and impact. The teacher education profession has been slow to change—or has changed slowly, universities have been far from generous with their support or esteem of teacher preparation, theory and research have been privileged over practice and students, we in the academy have worked too often in silos, neglecting the powerful coalitions we can/must have with school partners and with one another…and on and on. There sure is a lot of work to be done, but fortunately we have some great sessions planned that are designed to help us get thinking, talking, questioning, reflecting, planning, dreaming…in other words, to help us get moving!

I look forward to seeing you soon and thank you, spasiba, muy gracias, tashakur, paldies, ta, 谢谢

All my best,

A. Lin Goodwin
Division K Vice President

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