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Hello to all my fellow Division K colleagues,

It is so good to connect with you after a really productive 2014 meeting in Philadelphia. I am glad I had the chance to see many of you at the business meeting, our off-site event and at our fantastic party (!!), not to mention at all the great sessions showcasing your thoughtful presentations and papers.

For those of you who were not able to make the meeting this year, a brief recap might be helpful. First of all, I think I can say that our “(Not) Business (As Usual) Meeting” was one for the record books. We had (literally) standing—or floor-sitting—room only. Last count had over 170 folks in the room. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, over 170!! Feel free to say wow! I did, I still am. Thank you to everyone who came, many apologies to anyone who could not find room (in the room) to stay. I really am humbled and grateful that you gave me a chance and came out for our division. The theme for the meeting was “Division K is on FIRE!” and indeed we were. Lots of great discussions happened across the room with members talking with fellow members across boundaries of all kinds. These conversations centered on the four priorities I have set for my tenure as VP: 1) Paying attention to practice, re-imagining practice as complex and relational; 2) Doing collaborative research across institutions and even countries, inquiring into common questions; 3) Internationalizing teacher education, creating partnerships and a glocal (global/local) mindset and agenda; and, 4) Preparing quality teacher educators, thinking about what “teacher educating” requires, developing “a pedagogy of teacher education.” So many good ideas came out of the group talks that they cannot all be listed, but here is a sampling:

§  Have Division K create a research database where researchers can list their interests and begin to look at trends and collaborate around focused research questions.

§  Develop a distinct identity as teacher educators and make that identity public. Think about who we are as teacher educators. Do the identity work.

§  Start a listening project. Everyone will listen to one stakeholder. All those voices will go to DC in 2016. Record the voices and shout it out in DC.

§  Division K can create a task force to identify common practices that persist. Can we identify some common problems? Let’s come together in our work outside of just conferences.

The energy in the room was palpable. My job will be to figure out how to move forward on some of these ideas. I’ll be writing again soon about possibilities.

The business meeting was hot and then our after party/reception was hotter. Benji Chang—Division K member, teacher educator, community activist, hip-hop artist aka DJ Ultraman—kept us moving, happy, popping, and sweating. If you were there, you know it was an excellent time—we danced our ***** off (you fill in the blank). If you were not, you probably heard about what you missed. Never mind, there’s always next year because Benji has already said yes to spinning for K in Chicago.

Division K and the School of Education at Drexel University, also co-sponsored a really lovely event off-site. I won’t say more because Vera Lee from Drexel—collaborator and team member extraordinaire—has composed a lively piece in this newsletter describing all the good stuff that happened, and it was ALL good stuff, especially the student performances that moved us to tears and had us all wishing we wrote as beautifully.

In addition to Vera’s excellent piece, there is much more in this newsletter volume, so get comfortable, pour a glass of iced tea and read on about…

§  Division K awards and recipients—congratulations to them again, they are an impressive group for sure.


§  The mentoring support and advice doctoral students and new faculty members received at our preconference sessions…invaluable!


§  The Graduate Student Fireside Chat and our grad student representatives.


§  Winning proposals for AERA and other helpful tips from 2014 section chairs.

A topic of discussion at the section chairs session about strong proposals was being a generous reviewer and discussant. Be sure to read Lisa (Leigh) Patel’s eloquent piece about how to do/be just that. She helps us to be clear, candid and kind in our critiques.

Thanks as always for your support and participation. I hope you are all well and that this little note finds you spending your summer doing exactly as you choose.

All my best,

A. Lin Goodwin
Division K Vice President

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