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Profile of Division B Members


We are Division B, a diverse and eclectic group of scholars who raises questions, studies issues and explores possibilities related to curriculum--the official and unofficial bodies of knowledge taught and learned, or not. We are historians, critical social and cultural theorists, pedagogues, researchers, philosophers, teachers, teacher educators, artists, advocates, activists, thinkers, believers, intellectuals, learners, but above all else we are curriculum workers--intergenerational, complex, and growing into inclusivity.

Division Officers


Division B Leadership 
(2018 - 2019)

Vice President

Denise Taliaferro Baszile, Miami University, taliafda@miamioh.edu


Theodorea Berry, San José State University, theodorea.berry@sjsu.edu 

Equity and Inclusion Officer
Kirsten T. Edwards, University of Oklahoma, kirsten.t.edwards@ou.edu 

Communications Director
Keri L. Rodgers, Ball State University, klrodgers@bsu.edu 

Graduate Student Representatives
Alankrita Chhikara, Purdue University, achhikar@purdue.edu 
Lateasha Meyers, Miami University, lewisln2@miamioh.edu 

Program Co-Chairpersons
Vonzell Agosto, University of South Florida, vagosto@usf.edu
Anthony Brown, University of Texas - Austin, alb@austin.utexas.edu 

Division B Section Leaders

Section 1 - Culture and Commentary (The Reading/Making of Curriculum)
Gabriel Huddleston, Texas Christian University, g.huddleston@tcu.edu
Keffrelyn Brown, University of Texas - Austin, keffrelyn@austin.utexas.edu

Section 2 - Histories and Futurities (The Frames of Curriculum)  
Julie Gorlewski, Virginia Commonwealth University, julieg6662@gmail.com
Reagan Mitchell, Colgate University, rmitchell1@colgate.edu 

Section 3 - Methodologies and Ethics (The Shapes of Curriculum)
Francine Huckaby, Texas Christian University, f.huckaby@tcu.edu 
Walter Gershon, Kent State University, wgershon@kent.edu

Section 4 - People and Politics (The Who of Curriculum)
Nichole Guillory, Kennesaw State University, nguillo1@kennesaw.edu
Boni Wozolek, Loyola University Maryland, blwozolek@loyola.edu

Section 5 - Place and Praxis (The Places of Curriculum)
Valerie Shirley, University of Arizona, vshirley@email.arizona.edu
Lisa Weems, Miami University, weelsld@miamioh.edu

Section 6 - Decolonization and the Next Hundred Years (The Desires of Curriculum)
Kevin L. Henry, University of Arizona, klhenryjr@email.arizona.edu
Licho Lopez, University of Melbourne, ligia.lopez@unimelb.edu.au

Division B Committees

Officer Nominations Committee
Bekisizwe Ndimande, University of Texas - San Antonio, bekisizwe.ndimande@utsa.edu (Chairperson)
Christopher Crowley, Wayne State University, cbcrowley@wayne.edu
Gabe Huddleston, Texas Christian University, g.huddleston@tcu.edu
Roland Mitchell, Louisiana State University, rwmitch@lsu.edu 
Nathalia Jaramillo, Kennesaw State University, njaramil@kennesaw.edu 
ReAnna Roby, Michigan State University
Sabrina Ross, Georgia Southern University, sross@georgiasouthern.edu 
Tiffany Williams, Miami University, willi547@miamioh.edu 

Ella Baker/Septima Clark Human Rights Award Committee
Crystal Laura, Chicago State University, claura@csu.edu (Chairperson)
Sameena Eidoo, University of Toronto, sameena.eidoo@utoronto.ca 
Cleveland Hayes, IUPUI, clehayes@iupui.edu 
Roland Mitchell, Louisiana State University, rwmitch@lsu.edu 
João Paraskeva, University of Massachusetts, jparaskeva@umassd.edu 
David Stovall, University of Illinois at Chicago, dostoval@uic.edu 
Chandni Desai, University of Toronto, ch.desai@utoronto.ca 

Outstanding Dissertation Award
Robert Helfenbein, Loyola University Maryland, rjhelfenbein@loyola.edu (Chairperson)
Michael Boucher, Texas A&M University - San Antonio, michael.boucher@tamusa.edu 
Rama Cousik, Purdue University - Fort Wayne, cousikr@pfw.edu 
Mark Helmsing, George Mason University, mhelmsin@gmu.edu
Petra Hendry, Louisiana State University, phendry@lsu.edu  

Outstanding Book Award
Hongyu Wang, Oklahoma State University, hongyu.wang@okstate.edu (Chairperson)
Min Yu, Wayne State University, minyu@wayne.edu
Berlisha Morton, Berklee College of Music, bmorton2@berklee.edu 
Charity Embley, Texas Tech University, charity.g.embley@ttu.edu 
Erika Bullock, University of Wisconsin - Madison, ecbullock@wisc.edu 

Lifetime Achievement Award
Brian Schultz, Miami University, brian.schultz@miamioh.edu (Chairperson)
Elaine Chan, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, echan2@unl.edu 
Carl Grant, University of Wisconsin - Madison, grant@education.wisc.edu 
Sherick Hughes, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, shughes@email.unc.edu 
Jason Lukasik, Augsburg University, lukasik@augsburg.edu 
Bianca Nightengale-Lee, Florida Atlantic University, bnightengalelee@fau.edu

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