Writing and Literacies SIG 137
Writing and Literacies SIG 137
Message from SIG Chair

Welcome to the Writing & Literacies SIG!

Welcome to the Writing and Literacies SIG, one of AERA's largest special interest groups and home to vibrant scholarship about people's literacy practices across the lifespan.

Each year, we work to offer a robust program at the annual AERA conference, thanks currently to the hard work of our Program Chair Jayne Lammers, our Treasurer Jamila Lyiscott, our Communication Chair Jennifer VanDerHeide, our Graduate Student Board, and all of our volunteer reviewers. 

We encourage prospective and current members to connect to the community throughout the year by:

  • Following us on social media (Facebook - AERA Writing & Literacies SIG, Twitter - @writinglit) 
  • Listening to podcasts by writing and literacies scholars (see below)
  • Reading and contributing to our twice-yearly newsletters
  • Submitting a proposal to the SIG for the annual conference 
  • Making new connections on our Twitter Chat #literacies: http://literacieschat.wordpress.com
  • Volunteering for one of the service positions with the SIG
  • Signing up for the mentoring program at the yearly conference
  • Joining a SIG social hour at other conferences (e.g., Literacy Research Association)
  • Applying for one of our awards
  • Attending the business meeting at the conference to network with international literacy scholars and learn about local literacy initiatives

Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates and opportunities related to these activities through the year. We look forward to hearing from prospective and current members and encourage everyone to get involved in the SIG!

anna smith 1G
  • Dr. Anna Smith
  • 2021-2022 Writing & Literacies SIG Chair
  • amsmi11@ilstu.edu

SIG Purpose

To promote research in writing and literacy at all age levels and across cultural and social (including institutional) contexts; to provide a forum for idea exchange related to writing and literacy research, theory, and practice across disciplines.

Who We Are

We have over 500 members.  Consider joining us!

AERA Writing and Literacies SIG Executive Committee

Dr. Jayne Lammers, Chair, University of Rochester, jlammers@warner.rochester.edu
Dr. Jamila Lyiscott, Program Chair, University of Massachusetts Amherst, jlyiscott@umass.edu
Dr. Jennifer VanDerHeide, Treasurer, Michigan State University, jvheide@msu.edu 

Dr. Karis Jones, Communications Chair, SUNY Empire State College, karis.jones@esc.edu


AERA Writing and Literacies Graduate Student Board

Trevor Aleo, University of Illinois, taleo2@illinois.edu
Caroline Bedingfield, George State, cbedingfield1@student.gsu.edu
Jana Boschee Ellefson, University of Calgary, jana.boschee1@ucalgary.ca
Stacey Hanzel, University of Calgary, stacey.hanzel@ucalgary.ca
Sarah Jerasa, University of Houston, sejerasa@uh.edu
Lesley Noel, University of South Florida, lesleynoel@usf.edu
Kyley Pulphus, Louisiana State University, kyleypulphus@gmail.com
Dianne Wellington, Indiana University, dwellin@iu.edu
Writing and Literacies On Air Podcast Series

We are thrilled to have exceptional papers and presentations at this year's conference! Please follow us on social media (@writinglit) and on the AERA conference platform for ongoing updates about our featured sessions and sessions led by our SIG members. The following areas will be explored in connection with the conference theme:

  • Critical media literacies
  • Youth literacies, voice, and activism
  • Global and international literacies research
  • Multiplayer online gaming, video games, and literacy learning
  • Hip Hop and Spoken Word 
  • Content-area and disciplinary literacies
  • Sensory literacies and embodiment
  • Rural and urban literacies
  • Religious, faith-based, or spiritual literacies
  • Media and materials of literacy practices - old and new
  • Ecological literacies
  • Spatiality, networks or rhizomes in literacy practices
  • Digital composition
  • Pedagogies for teaching grammar for different social purposes
  • Multilingual literacies across contexts
  • Social media and literacy practices
  • Intersectionality of race, gender, and other identities in literacy practices 
  • Social and economic marginalization and literacy practice
  • Early childhood, primary, adolescent, and adult literacy practices
  • Literacy practices in homes and communities
  • Play, toys and early literacies
  • Literacy pedagogy, curriculum and assessment
  • Power, policy and literacy
  • Pre-service teachers, teachers and literacy pedagogies
  • Higher education, digital technologies and discourses
  • Writing development (early childhood, childhood, adolescent, adult)
  • Methodologies for studying multi-sited literacies phenomena
  • Translanguaging


Steve Witte Lifetime Achievement Award:

Sarah McCarthey

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Outstanding Graduate Student Paper:

Lindsey Rowe

The Ohio State University

Second Graders' Translingual Composing: How and Why Children Write Using Multiple Languages

Honorary Mention for Graduate Student Paper:

Ankhi Thakurta

University of Pennsylvania

"I Have the Advantage": Tracing Literate Girlhoods in an Urban Asian American Civic Education Collective

Welcome our new Communication's Chair!


Karis Jones

SUNY Empire State College

Awards History

Steve Cahir Early Career Award for Research on Writing

past winners:

Jennifer VanDerHeide (2019)
Lindy L. Johnson (2017)
Amy Stornaiuolo (2015)
Amanda Kibler (2013)
Julianna Avila (2011)
Anne Whitney (2008)
Mari Haneda (2001)
David Wallace (1993)
Peter Smagorinsky (1991)
Melanie Sperling (1990)


Steve Witte Lifetime Achievement Award

past winners:

Sarah Freedman (2020)
George Newell (2018)
Jennifer Rowsell (2016)
Peter Smagorinsky (2014)
Linda Flower (2007)

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award

past winners:

Monica Kleeklamp & Alex Corbitt, honorable mention (2020)
Cassie Brownell (2018)
Ksenia Korobkova & Natalia Smirnov (2017)