Key Initiatives
Key Initiatives
Key Initiatives

The UCEA Graduate Student Council (GSC), in conjunction with the AERA Leadership for School Improvement Special Interest Group (LSI SIG), began a new initiative called the Researcher Development Program in 2018. The Researcher Development Program (RDP) seeks to expand access to academic networks that dually support graduate students’ personal and professional well-being and scholarly development.

The RDP fulfills its mission by:

  • Striving to create accessible, inclusive, and humanizing professional development spaces
  • Promoting sustained, professionally enriching collaboration between faculty members and graduate students
  • Providing research, writing, presentation, and publication opportunities aligned with participants’ academic and professional goals
  • Promoting opportunities for faculty members to hone their mentorship skills.

We kick off this academic year with 14 mentors and 17 mentees! Currently, the RDP Planning Committee is supporting mentors and mentees as they begin their semester, setting their goals for the year, and planning how they will develop their final projects. Throughout their experience, we intend to support their relationship building, creativity, and project development. Here we provide a list of the mentor-mentee matches for the 2021-2022 cohort.

Mentee University Affiliation Mentor
Qiyang Zhang The Johns Hopkins University  Martin Scanlan, Boston College
Valeria Orue Dominguez University of California, Riverside Barbara L. Pazey, University of North Texas
Mary-Louise (Molly) Leger University of California, Los Angeles  Kristy Cooper Stein, Michigan State University
Jon Delperdang Delta State University  Julia Mahfouz, University of Colorado-Denver
Lihuan Chen The University of Hong Kong  Kimberly Kappler Hewitt, University of North Carolina Greensboro
Ashley Shen The Johns Hopkins University  Khalid Arar, Texas State University
Rubén Antonio Sánchez Hernández  The University of Hong Kong  W. Kyle Ingle, University of Louisville
Ann DeChenne Walden University Kristy Cooper Stein, Michigan State University
Joy Rushing Auburn University Emily Hodge, Montclair State University
Hilario Benzon University of Colorado Denver David G. Martinez, University of South Carolina
Fatema Al Attar United Arab Emirates University UAEU Khalid Arar, Texas State University
John McCandless Auburn University Abdelaziz Zohri, Hassan First University of Settat
Charlene Evans-Smith, EdD The George Washington University Meredith Wronowski, University of Dayton
Noor Doukmak University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Amanda J. Cordova, North Dakota State University
Donna Lyons University of Central Florida Katilin Anderson, Lehigh University
Rhonda Humphries The George Washington University Charles Lowery, Ohio University
Yichuan Zhao The Johns Hopkins University  Emily Hodge, Montclair State University

For more information, please contact:

Parker Morse Andreoli, Clemson University (

Dr. Jennifer Clayton, The George Washington University (

Lamar Foster, University of Washington (

Mariama Nagbe, The University of Texas at Austin (

Lam Pham, Vanderbilt University (

Dr. Angela Urick, University of Oklahoma (

Alison Wilson, University of Oklahoma (

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