Social Studies Research SIG 89
Social Studies Research SIG 89
SIG Purpose

The Social Studies Research SIG exists to initiate, exchange, and advance research relevant to social studies education found in P-12 schools and classrooms with students, teachers, and administrators; in teacher education programs with teacher candidates, practicing teachers, school administrators, and teacher educators; and in relationship to active citizenship in families, communities, society, and policymakers





Annual Meeting

Orlando, Florida, USA

April 9 – 12, 2021

Deadline for Submissions: August 14, 2020

Conference Theme: Accepting Educational Responsibility

The 2021 AERA Annual Meeting Theme challenges us, as citizen-scholars, to work together using evidence-based practice in order to correct educational and social injustices not only in our own institutions but across our schools, communities, and society as a whole. As social studies researchers we have a heightened awareness of discrimination and injustice experienced by those who are racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse across societal contexts. We are called to renew our efforts to reflect critically upon ourselves and the work we do, analyze how effective our endeavors towards confronting injustice actually go, and effectively plan and carryout strategies towards the actualization of our efforts. It is in this context of accepting educational responsibility, that we invite submissions to the Social Studies Research SIG.

Looking toward the 2021 AERA Annual meeting, the Social Studies Research SIG welcomes contributions that include educators, community members, students, teachers, policy makers, families, and activists in an effort to engage in dialog surrounding our educational responsibility for the common good. In keeping with the theme of the 2021 AERA meeting, we seek papers that are collaborative, concerned with race/ism and equity, and interested in exploring “new, previously uncontemplated research questions and, perhaps, different methodological approaches to old problems”  within social studies education and research (AERA CFP). We hope you will consider sharing your work with the Social Studies Research SIG and join us in Orlando.

SIG Officers

2020-2021 Officers

Andrea Hawkman
Utah State University

Program Chair
Erin Casey
University of Oklahoma

Assistant Program Chair
Meghan McGlinn Manfra
North Carolina State University

Secretary / Treasurer
Natasha C. Murray-Everett
West Virginia University

Membership & Elections Chair
Tiffany Mitchell Patterson
West Virginia University

Communications Chair
Jennifer Cutsforth Kaschak
University of Scranton

Graduate Student Representative
Peter Nelson
Michigan State University

Statement of Responsibility and Action

Description of Honors 

AERA's Social Studies Research SIG Outstanding Paper Award

Early Career Award

Outstanding Contribution Award

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