Test Validity Research and Evaluation SIG 72
Test Validity Research and Evaluation SIG 72
SIG Purpose
The purpose of the Special Interest Group (SIG), Test Validity Research and Evaluation SIG, is to provide a forum for bringing together educators and researchers interested in contributing to theory and practice of validity in education, assessment, and testing. The SIG encourages presentation, discussion, and interaction related to the development of theoretic and practical methods for measuring validity. Pursuant to these purposes the Test Validity Research and Evaluation SIG might elect to publish its own newsletter, or invite prominent speakers to present at annual business meetings, or hold occasional conferences supplementing AERA meetings.
Message from SIG Chair

Validity Research SIG Business

I am pleased to announce that Gregory Cizek, Ph.D. will be our featured speaker at the upcoming Test Validity Research and Evaluation SIG Business Meeting at the 2022 AERA Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA. 

In his presentation and discussion titled, "Tugging on Superman’s Cape," Dr. Cizek will discuss the influential view of validity as a unitary concept and a growing consensus regarding the challenges of requiring a singular synthesis of evidence involving meaning and use. He will focus on components of defensible testing practice including sources of evidence and standards for supporting conclusions about test score meaning, and sources of evidence and standards for supporting conclusions about the justifiable uses of test scores. Dr. Cizek will also discuss proposed next steps for moving the practice of validation forward. 

Chair, Angel Arias, Ph.D. 

Who We Are

Test Validity Research and Evaluations SIG Officers

Angel Arias, Ph.D. 

Program Chair

Yun-Yee Cheong, Ph.D.


Michelle Boyer, Ph.D.


The 2022 Test Validation Research and Evaluation Award for a Senior Scholar, has been awarded to Gregory Cizek, Ph.D., for his many works on validity that have been, and continue to be instrumental in advancing validity theory and validation practices in testing. 

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Cizek on this award, and thanking him for his many valuable contributions to the field!