The AERA Queer Studies SIG gives three awards, one travel grant, and one community activism grant per year. Under each award below are listed the previous winners.

Body of Work Award

2023: Not awarded

2022: Not awarded

2021: Cindy Cruz (University of Arizona)

2020: Ed Brockenbrough (University of Pennsylvania)

2019: Caroline Clark (Ohio State University)

2018: Kris Renn (Michigan State University)

2017: Not awarded

2016: Dennis Carlson (Miami University (Ohio))

2015: Karen Graves (Denison University)

2014: Cris Mayo (University of Illinois)

2013: Mary Bryson (University of British Columbia)


2011: Not awarded

2010: Mollie V. Blackburn (Ohio State University)

2009: Catherine A. Lugg (Rutgers University)

2008: Not awarded

2007: Not awarded

2006: James T. Sears (Pennsylvania State University)

2005: Tara Goldstein (OISE, University of Toronto)

Article of the Year Award

2023: Hevel, Michael S. & Timothy Reese Cain (2022) The queer student affairs career of Stephen Lenton, 1970-1980, Journal of Women and Gender in Higher Education, 15:3, 261-278

2022: Jackson, R., Lange, A. C., & Duran, A. (2021). A whitened rainbow: The in/visibility of race and racism in LGBTQ+ higher education scholarship. Journal Committed to Social Change on Race and Ethnicity, 7(2), 173-206.

2022, Honorable Mention: Salas-SantaCruz, O. S. (2020). Terca, pero no pendeja: Tequedad as theory and praxis of transformative gestures in higher education. Association of Mexican American Educators Journal, 14(2), 23-43.

2021: LJ Slovin - Slovin, LJ (2020). What grade are you in? On being a non-binary researcher. Curriculum Inquiry, 50(3), 225-241.

2021 Honorable Mention: Tomás Boatwright - Boatwright, T. (2019). Flux Zine: Black queer storytelling. Equity and Excellence in Education, 52(4), 383-395.

2020: Melinda Mangin - Mangin, M. M. (2019). Transgender students in elementary schools: How supportive principles lead. Educational Administration Quarterly, 56(2), 255-288.

2019: Steve D. Mobley, Jr., and Jennifer Johnson - Mobley, S. D., & Johnson, J. (2019). "No pumps allowed": The 'problem' with gender expression and the Morehouse College "appropriate attire policy". Journal of Homosexuality, 66(7), 867-895.

2018: Elizabeth Payne & Melissa Smith

2017: Jon Wargo - Wargo, J. M. (2017). “Every selfie tells a story…”: LGBTQ youth lifestreams and new media narratives as connective identity texts. New Media & Society19(4), 560-578.

2016: T. J. Jourian - Jourian, T. J., Simmons, S. L., & Devaney, K. C. (2015). “We Are Not Expected” Trans* Educators (Re) Claiming Space and Voice in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Transgender Studies Quarterly2(3), 431-446.

2015: Roland Coloma - Sintos Coloma, R. (2013). Ladlad and parrhesiastic pedagogy: Unfurling LGBT politics and education in the global south. Curriculum Inquiry43(4), 483-511.

2014: Caitlyn Ryan and Jill Hermann-Willmarth

2014: Kevin Burke and Adam Greteman

2013: John Dugan - Dugan, J. P., Kusel, M. L., & Simounet, D. M. (2012). Transgender college students: An exploratory study of perceptions, engagement, and educational outcomes. Journal of College Student Development53(5), 719-736. 

2012: Cindy Cruz: Cruz, C. (2011) LGBTQ street youth talk back: a meditation on resistance and witnessing, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 24:5, 547-558, DOI: 10.1080/09518398.2011.600270

2011: Sandra Schmidt - Schmidt, S. (2010). Queering Social Studies: The Role of Social Studies in Normalizing Citizens and Sexuality in the Common Good. Theory and Research in Social Education, 38(3), 314-335. 

2010: Kathleen Rands - Rands, K. (2009). Mathematical Inqu[ee]ry: beyond 'Add-Queers-and-Stir' elementary mathematics education. Sex Education, 9(2), 181-191.

Dissertation of the Year Award

2023:  Salas-SantaCruz, O. (2022) Learning to Be: Trans-Latinidad, Race, Indigeneity, and Inclusion [Doctoral dissertation, The University of California, Berkeley]

2022: Reid, S. K. (2021). A Case Study Exploring the Agency of Black LGBTQ+ Youth in NYC's Ballroom Culture. [Doctoral dissertation, Teachers College, Columbia University].

2022 Honorable Mention: Lange, A. C. (2021). How transgender students get in, pay for, and explore gender in college. [Doctoral dissertation, University of Iowa].

2021: Dirk J. Rodricks (University of Toronto) - "This body has fought hard to be here!" – Unearthing Mishritata using drama to map the multiple minoritization of queer/Desis/South Asians in Toronto.”

2021 Honorable Mention: James Joshua Coleman (University of Pennsylvania) - Restorying painful histories: Critical literacy, the imagination gap, and the affective lives of queer educators

2020: Antonio Duran (Ohio State University) - An Intersectional Grounded Theory Study Examining Identity Exploration for Queer Collegians of Color at Historically White Institutions

2019: Ryan Schey (Ohio State University) - Youth's queer-focused activism in a secondary classroom: Pedagogy, (un)sanctioned literacy practices, and accountability

2018: Eli Kean (Michigan State University) - Conceptualizing Gender, Contextualizing Curriculum: A Case Study of Teacher Education Coursework

2017: Hélène Frohard-Dourlent (University of British Columbia) - Muddling through together”: Educators navigating cisnormativity while working with trans and gender-nonconforming students

2016: Jacob McWilliams - Trans*literacies: Designing for Gender Fluency and Transmedia Literacy in the Elementary Classroom


2014: Susan Woolley (University of California, Berkeley) - Identity and Difference: Negotiating Gender and Sexuality in High School Contexts

2014: Jason Garvey (University of Maryland) - Identity and philanthropy: Designing a survey instrument to operationalize lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer alumni giving

2013: Tonya Callaghan (University of Calgary) - Holy homophobia: Doctrinal disciplining of non-heterosexuals in Canadian Catholic schools

2012: Jennifer Michelle DeCoste (Penn State): Queering sex education: Rural sex educators' perceptions of queer issues

2011: Julia Heffernan (University of Oregon) - The sound of silence: Educators managing and reproducing heteronormativity in middle school

2010: Mary J. de Leon-Denton (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities) - The lived experiences of lesbian/gay/[bisexual/transgeder] (LG[BT]) educational leaders

2009: Vanessa Russell (OISE, University of Toronto)

2008: David V. Ruffolo (OISE, University of Toronto)

2007: Not awarded

2006: Jill Hermann-Wilmarth

2005: Kevin Graziano

Eric Rofes Graduate Student Travel Grant

2023: Torie Wheatley

2022: Pablo Montes

2021: Justin Andrew Gutzwa, Bishop Owis, & Lindsay Cavanaugh

2020: Lee Iskander

2019: Kate Reid

2018: Shawna Carroll 

2017: Paulina Abustan & Adam Crawley

2016: Bridget Lee Maher & William Toledo

2015: Sam Stiegler & Andres Castro Samayoa

2014: Helene Frohard-Dourlent

2013: Jason Garvey

2012: Susan Wooley


2010: Not awarded

2009: Darla Linville

2008: Kris Wells

2007: Elizabeth J. Meyer

2006: Julie Schell

2005: Lori Macintosh

Dennis Carlson Community Activism Grant

2023: Affinity (Chicago)

2022: The San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition and Casa Arcoiris, an LGBTQ+ Migrant Shelter. (San Diego)

2021: The Zebra Coalition (Orlando)

2020: El/La Para TransLatinas (San Francisco)

2020: Queens of the Castro (San Francisco)

2019: Youthline (Toronto)

2018: Health Outreach to Teens (HOTT; New York)

2018: FIERCE (New York)

2017: Pride Center San Antonio