Message from SIG Chair
Message from SIG Chair
SIG Chair

Dear Latinx Research Issues SIG Colleagues,

It is with great honor that I write to you as the 2019-2020 Chair of the Latinx Research Issues SIG. I want to first welcome you to the SIG, as a first-time member, or welcome you back, as a returning and/or long time member. I also want to thank our Immediate Past-Chair Cristóbal Rodriguez, for his steadfast leadership and dedication to the SIG during his tenure as Chair, and welcome our Chair-Elect Nancy Acevedo-Gil, who brings a great deal of energy and experience to the position. Let me also introduce the 2019-2020 Executive Committee, including Esther Garza (Secretary/Treasurer), Rebeca Mireles-Rios (Planning Chair), and Andrew Martinez (Communications Officer). 

Given the growing population of Latinxs in the United States who are entering educational settings at increasing rates, from pre-school to graduate school, and across the country, from California to Massachusetts, there is a greater need for a community of scholars who are dedicated to equity and justice for Latinxs in education. As we know, the national context continues to be contentious for Latinxs, which places a greater demand on us to speak up and speak out about injustices against the Latinx community. There is much work to be done, and I’m excited that you have made the commitment to advance research, policy, and practice that affects Latinxs in a positive way. The Latinx Research Issues SIG has a responsibility to not only voice our opinions and concerns about the education of Latinxs, but to provide leadership and service at a national level. 

In the coming year, the Latinx Research Issues SIG wants to grow our membership, increase our programmatic efforts, and become a prominent SIG within AERA. We are excited to try new things, as well as resurrect and honor old traditions. With your help, we can move the Latinx Research Issues SIG forward. I personally want to thank you for becoming a member, and invite you to become actively involved with the SIG in the coming year. There are many ways to be engaged and to become a leader, either through an elected, appointed, or unofficial position. Sky is the limit, so please reach out to me directly if you have ideas. 

Soon you will receive a Call for Submissions and Reviewers from AERA for the 2020 annual meeting, to be held in San Francisco, CA. In order to have a successful program, we ask that you consider submitting a proposal to the SIG, and also volunteer to review submissions. The Executive Committee wants to increase our presence at the annual meeting, but we need your help to do it, both through your membership and through your submissions for consideration in the program. Our growth and success as a SIG rely on your engagement with the annual meeting, from submission to attendance.

As a community of scholars dedicated to advancing educational opportunities and successes for Latinxs, we are relying on your commitment and dedication to the Latinx Research Issues SIG and hope you will join us. Please do not hesitate to contact me at I look forward to serving you and the greater Latinx educational community, and hope you will join us through engagement, service, and leadership this year.

Yours in the Struggle,


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