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News & Announcements
News & Announcements

An announcement listserv has been set up for the Faculty Teaching, Evaluation and Development SIG. The purpose of the announcement listserv is to provide the SIG Chair an effective communications tool with which important information about the SIG and AERA can be communicated to SIG members in a timely manner. The announcement listserv uses an e-mail distribution list of all current members of the Faculty Teaching, Evaluation and Development SIG. The list is updated by the Central Office on a monthly basis to ensure that all new SIG members can be included. At the present time, only SIG chair is authorized to send out messages to the announcement listserv.

To send out an announcement to SIG members, please send a message to Please note that the listserv is text-based, and does not accept attachments.


The latest newsletter from FTED!

Welcome to fTED Talks, the newsletter of the Faculty Teaching, Evaluation and Development SIG: the hub for research on faculty teaching, evaluation and development.

From its inception, the Faculty Teaching, Evaluation, and Development SIG had published regular printed newsletters with discussions, resources, events and items of interest for SIG members (and their allies and supporters). With this inaugural issue, we propose to build on the SIG’s rich legacy and resurrect the newsletter in an electronic form.

Based on feedback from the SIG membership, we have implemented three recurring features for the newsletter: What We’re Reading, Celebrations and Milestones, and News and Notes.  All members of the SIG are invited to contribute items for inclusion in the newsletter.  Submissions from non-SIG members will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What We’re Reading

*This section features summaries of recently published scholarship within the domain of faculty teaching, evaluation, and development, with the intention of sharing potentially interesting scholarship with SIG members

Capofari, M., Cruz, L., Dawson, R., Friant, S., Hood, L.,& Smith, A. (2023). Course design unbundled: A trauma-informed modality of faculty development. The Journal of Faculty Development, 37(3),72-75.

This article explored one center’s efforts to remove some of the structures and barriers around course design to give faculty more individual time and attention in the course design process.  I read this article with my team as one lens through which we evaluated our own course design work.  We found it to be useful both for the new original content as well as for the literature review which pointed us to some studies we had not yet reviewed.  Those in faculty development work will want to read this article.                                                                           -Contributed by Ted Murcray

Gansemer-Topf, A. M., Mendee, A., Liang, Y., Kensington-Miller, B.,& Alqahtani, N. (2023). SoTL support at the “best” undergraduate teaching institutions. Innovative Higher Education, 1-17.

This ambitious, multi-institutional study examines how the promotion policies at 78 U.S. universities ranked as the “best” at teaching value the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). The link between high quality teaching and engagement in SoTL is frequently asserted but notoriously difficult to prove and this project endeavors to close the gap. The findings, however, are somewhat ambiguous, suggesting that there may be a number of mitigating factors at work.  The piece should be of interest not only to those who study SoTL but also organizational culture, leadership, and HEI policy.                                                                              -Contributed by Laura Cruz

Herbert, M.J., Clinton-Lisell, V., & Stupnisky, R. H. (2023). Faculty motivation for OER textbook adoption and future use. Innovative Higher Education, 48(2),371-388.

My institution is looking at Open Educational Resources (OERs) as a means to support our increasingly diverse student population.  This article explores the motivations behind faculty decisions to adopt OERs in the classroom.  Using structural equation modeling, this study measured responses from more than 400 respondents.  Self-determination theory was the theoretical framework, and the study found that faculty who were autonomously motivated was the strongest predictor of current or future OER use.  Those who study faculty motivation or those who do faculty development work will be interested in these findings and their applications.  Faculty members need help knowing more about OERs, how to find them, how to determine their quality, and how to implement them well.               -Contributed by Ted Murcray

If you’ve read a good article, book, blog post, or other scholarly medium lately, we would love to feature a synopsis (100 words or less) in the newsletter.  To submit your suggestion for consideration, please send an email to

Celebrations and Milestones

Have you, or someone you know, achieved something worthy of celebration?
We’d love to amplify your work in this feature of the newsletter.  This may include recent publications, new positions, funded projects, or even personal achievements that you might like to share with the membership.

fTED SIG Member and Secretary/Treasurer Elect Leah Hollis started a new role as Associate Dean of Access, Equity, and Inclusion at Penn State’s University Park campus this semester.  

“I chose Penn State because of the dean and the wonderful colleagues I met during my visit,” Hollis said. “I see a true commitment to anti-racism and diversity and am thrilled to be part of that. My research on workplace bullying in higher education confirms that underrepresented minorities are most likely to face workplace bullying; therefore, this position brings my research and administrative backgrounds together.”

Among other responsibilities, Hollis coordinates, provides support for, and advances diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) activities across college structures; leads and participates in the daily activities of the Office of Education and Social Equity; and provides leadership to the Equity Coalition.

*Celebration and milestone announcements should be 100 words or less. Photos are encouraged, though appropriate permissions should be secured prior to submission. To submit your celebration, please send an email to Laura Cruz (

fTED Events and Opportunities

*Coming Soon*  Spring fTED Symposium

We are planning to repeat the success of last Spring’s highly successful symposium on research in fTED (teaching, evaluation, and development) with the POD Network’s Scholarship Committee.  Look for an April date coming soon.  

Call for Nominations: fTED Robert J. Menges New Researcher Award

The Robert J. Menges New Researcher Award is intended to support the career development of new scholars, and as such is open to persons currently registered in graduate programs through persons who have received a doctoral degree within five years of the nomination deadline The award is given in recognition of a published study, which may include an article in a refereed journal, a thesis or dissertation, or other forms of publication open to peer review. The recipient is invited to make a presentation in one of the SIG-FTED sessions held during the 2024 AERA Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

Nominations for this award will be accepted by January 19.2024.
To read more about the award and the nomination process, please visit our award webpage.

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