Annual Meeting Distinguished Lecture Webcasts
Annual Meeting Distinguished Lecture Webcasts

Given by prominent scholars in the field, the AERA Distinguished Lecture and the AERA Wallace Foundation Distinguished Lecture are highlights of the AERA Annual Meeting, known for offering compelling insights and advancing innovation in the field.

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Contestations Over What We Should Teach: A Human Learning and Development Analysis
Carol D. Lee

Education Reform Past and Present: Asking Equity Questions and Looking for Hope​
Amanda Datnow


The Inevitability of Racial Bias and Exclusion: Implications for Identity-Based Education and Practice
Sylvia Hurtado
When We (Re)member, “Everything is Possible:” Black Women Teachers and the Spirit of Our Work
Cynthia B. Dillard
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My Critical Race Journey to Racial Microaggressions and Microaffirmations — 1969 to 2019
Daniel Gilbert Solorzano

Educational Research and the Disruption of Racialized Distortions: Establishing a Wide-Angle View
Carla D. O'Connor


Interrogating Segregation, its Complexities and Consequences for Public Education
William Trent

From Dream to Possibility to Reality - On Becoming and Being an Indigenous Educational Researcher
Linda Tuhiwai Smith



From Middle School to Middle Adulthood: Education and the Social Mobility of the Immigrant Second Generation in an Age of Inequality
Ruben G. Rumbaut

Let the Great Brown River Smile." Liberating Frames and Educational Discourses: On View, Voice, and Visibility
Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot


Designing the "New Accountability": How Public Scholars Can Contribute to a Productive Policy Framework for Education
Linda Darling-Hammond

Increasing the Relevance of Education Research: Building a Place-Based Agenda for Obtaining Equity and Excellence
Warren Simmons


College in Prison: A Cause in Need of Advocacy Research
Ellen Condliffe Lagemann

Who Is My Neighbor? The Geography of Opportunity in Ferguson and Beyond
William F. Tate


Improving: Joining Improvement Science to Networked Communities
Anthony Bryk

Rigor and Realism: Doing Educational Science in the Real World
Catherine E. Snow
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The Future of American Democracy
Pedro A. Noguera

Diversity ≠ Inclusion
Marta Tienda



Hands Back, Hands Forward: Transforming Indigenous Education 
Jo-ann Archibald

Resegregating American Education: The Patterns, Old Issues, New Twists 
William T. Trent