2015 AERA Annual Meeting Off-Site Visits
2015 AERA Annual Meeting Off-Site Visits

Please consider these substantive off-site sessions as alternative opportunities as you plan your schedule for the Meeting. Space is limited for these visits, and interested attendees are encouraged to register in advance. Registered participants wishing to add courses, off-site visits, or tours can log in to add events to your registration. Off-site visits are listed below in day and time order.

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Growing our Grassroots: Chicago Activism, National Struggles, and the Fight for Public Education

Date: Saturday, April 18
Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Blue 1647, 1647 S. Blue Island, Chicago, IL 60608
Fee: $20.00
Transportation: Transportation will pick up at 1:45 at the Hyatt, 151 E. Wacker, near the West Tower
Sponsor:  Grassroots Community and Youth Organizing for Education Reform SIG
Contact: Elizabeth Skinner, (eskinne@ilstu.edu), Illinois State University

The political struggle over public schools in Chicago is both a local and a national story. Since many of the fights are common, this event invites advocates from Chicago and across the country to share strategies for achieving educational justice. Youth activists, community organizers, national advocacy groups, progressive politicians, and engaged educators will be on hand to facilitate discussion about stopping school closures, ending the school-to-prison pipeline, curtailing standardized testing, strengthening teacher unions, diversifying the teaching profession, and ensuring that school board members are democratically elected. We will meet in the vibrant Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago. Round-trip transportation and a light meal are included.

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Exploring an innovative workforce and economic development model in the US Manufacturing Industry: A Site Visit to The Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council

Wednesday, April 15
Time: 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: Austin Polytechnical Academy, 231 N. Pine Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60644
Fee: Free – Workplace Learning SIG Members Only
Transportation: Transportation will pick up from the lobby of the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile at 3:00 PM
Sponsor: Workplace Learning SIG
Contact: Ellen Scully-Russ (scullyru@gwu.edu) George Washington University

The purpose of this off-site visit is to provide members of the AERA Workplace Learning SIG the opportunity tour an advanced manufacturing training center and to learn about an innovation to workforce education and training in the U.S., known as the career pathways model. 

This event is open to Workplace Learning SIG Members Only.

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Roots of Education for Social Justice on the Near West Side of Chicago: Jane Addams' Hull House

 Thursday, April 16
Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm
Location: Jane-Addams Hull-House Museum, 800 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60607
Fee: $22.00
Transportation: Transportation is not provided
Sponsor: AERA
Contact: Judith Torney-Purta, Ph.D (jtpurta@umd.edu) University of Maryland, College Park

Relating to the AERA's 2015 meeting theme of Social Justice through Culture, Action and Research, this "off-site" event will discuss the historical roots of and contemporary innovations in education and social action to realize social justice in Chicago.  Professor Mary Jo Deegan, who is the author of Jane Addams and the Men of the Chicago School1892-1918, will speak.  She will discuss how Jane Addams’ pioneering work in what we now call qualitative methodologies was incorporated by professors of sociology at the University of Chicago and shaped approaches to research and social action.  There will be ample time for discussion.  This will be followed by brief presentations by organizers of current social justice projects dealing with civic involvement, community psychology and with first generation college students in these neighborhoods.   A tour of the Hull House Museum will be included (and an optional Dutch treat lunch in Greektown will follow the event).

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Visit to Evanston Township High School: A Public School Whose Progressive Restructuring Initiative Works to Provide Each Child With Access to HonorsLevel Classes

Friday, April 17
Time: 10:45am – 4:15pm
Location: Evanston Township High School, 1600 Dodge Ave, Evanston, IL 60201
Fee: $45.00
Transportation: Transportation will be provided, information is forthcoming
Sponsor: Tracking and Detracking SIG
Contact: Steven Drouin (steven.drouin@sjsu.edu)

Since 2008 Evanston Township High School has used the Restructured Freshman Year Initiative to detrack Freshmen level courses.  This detracking initiative aims to ensure the greatest number of students take honorslevel classes and develop skills required to succeed in the 21st century.  All freshmen are offered one level of science and humanities courses.  Supplemental support courses are provided for students in need.  This school site visit will provide a look into the workings of school through a classroom observation and a staff/student panel discussion. 

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