Perspectives on the 2015 Annual Meeting Theme
Perspectives on the 2015 Annual Meeting Theme

AERA Leaders Discuss: 
"Toward Justice: Culture, Language, and Heritage in Education Research and Praxis"

AERA President Joyce King and 2015 Program Chair Beverly Gordon Discuss the Annual Meeting Theme

Joyce King, 2015 AERA President, Georgia State University

Joyce King (2015 AERA President, Georgia State University) and Beverly Gordon (2015 Program Chair, Ohio State University)
Beverly Gordon, 2015 Program Chair, Ohio State University

Diverse Group of AERA Leaders Offer Their Perspectives on the 2015 Annual Meeting Theme

Karen Murphy, Vice President of Division C, Penn State University

William Tate, 2008 AERA President, Washington University in St. Louis

Carol Lee, 2010 AERA President, Northwestern University

Margaret McKeown, AERA Council Member-at-Large, University of Pittsburgh

Geni Cowan, Chair of the SIG Executive Committee, California State University - Sacramento

Gary Anderson, AERA Council Member-at-Large, New York University

Elizabeth Birr Moje, Vice President of Division G, University of Michigan

Joy Ann Williamson-Lott, Vice President of Division F, University of Washington