About Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
About Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

About Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver: Celebrating 125 Years

The city of Vancouver is known for its natural beauty and cultural diversity. For thousands of years the Coast Salish people have called the area now known as Vancouver home. Their history and cultural traditions, upholding respect for nature and humanity, are tightly woven into the city’s cultural fabric.

In 1792, Captain George Vancouver explored the Burrard Inlet, today the shores of the city, and wrote of its “innumerable pleasing landscapes.” But it was the discovery of gold that drew substantial European settlements to the region. In 1827, the Hudson’s Bay Company set up a trading post on the Fraser River, east of present-day Vancouver. By 1858, the gold rush on the Fraser River brought thousands of prospectors to the area. The influx of pioneers would continue.

Important developments such as the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1880s greatly boosted the growing area and brought in a substantial number of Chinese workers. It was the promise of a coast-to-coast rail connection that led the province into the Canadian Confederation in 1871. When the railway line was near completion in 1886, the town of Granville was incorporated as the City of Vancouver. Its position as a transportation hub ensured its dominant role in the province’s economic and social life. Legendary Stanley Park was officially opened in 1888, named for Lord Stanley, former Governor General of Canada.

Today, Vancouver’s cosmopolitan appeal can be attributed to the diverse international origins of its people: Aboriginal, British, Chinese, Japanese, German, Indo-Pakistani, French, Italian, Dutch, Scandinavian, Ukrainian, Filipino, Greek, and more.

In 1986, Vancouver hosted the Expo ’86 World Exposition; in 2010, it hosted the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The city celebrated its 125th anniversary this year.

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What To Do in Vancouver
Wondering What To Do in Vancouver? One of Vancouver’s greatest strengths is its diversity. There are so many things to see and do to immerse yourself in the local culture. You’ll find information on visiting museums and art galleries, discovering beautiful parks and gardens, and experiencing the dining scene from trendy Canadian cuisine to brewpubs to neighborhood cafes where the food is local and fresh.

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Dining Guide
View the Visit Vancouver online restaurant listings for a complete restaurant guide searchable by cuisine, location and price. Read about Canadian cuisine dining trend, fresh Vancouver dining, and dining deals and splurges.

Before your arrival, Tourism Vancouver is available to assist with requests for special events and dining functions outside of the Convention Center.  Contact dreynolds@tourismvancouver.com or 604-631-2816.

Visit Vancouver’s Restaurant Reservations Booth on-site for assistance with restaurant reservations and concierge services. The Booth will be located on the Exhibit Level of the Vancouver Convention Center.  Staffed with knowledgeable personnel, the Booth is stocked with the latest Vancouver information and actual restaurant menus.  Representatives can make immediate dining reservations by phone and recommendations for attractions and activities throughout the Vancouver region.

The Vancouver Restaurant Reservations Booth schedule will be as follows:

Thursday, April 12 3pm-6pm
Friday, April 13 9am-6pm
Saturday, April 14 9am-6pm
Sunday, April 15 9am-6pm
Monday, April 16 9am-6pm
Tuesday, April 17 9am-11am

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