2021 AERA Annual Meeting Paper Specification and Upload Instructions
2021 AERA Annual Meeting Paper Specification and Upload Instructions

Paper Specification for Presentation in Paper, Poster or Roundtable:

Authors of individual papers accepted for presentation in a paper, poster, or roundtable format must upload a final paper into the online Annual Meeting submission system by March 25, 11:59 pm PT. The paper should include any additional research findings and conclusions from the time of submission. The paper should address the elements required for submission in greater detail and should expand upon the initial 2,000 word paper. If you do not upload a final paper, the initial paper uploaded during the submission process will constitute the final paper. For poster participants, you only need to upload a final paper if you wish to have your paper included in the online repository.
These guidelines serve to help you prepare your paper and are a suggestion only; your individual paper may follow another format. The parts of your paper may be arranged in this sequence: cover sheet, abstract, main text, reference list, appendixes, author note if any, endnotes, tables, and figures. It is usually easiest to group the tables and figures at the end, but they may be incorporated into the main text, each near the location where it is first mentioned. Page numbers should be included. There is no word limit for the final paper and papers may be as long as necessary. However, the time period allotted for presentation at the meeting will be determined by presentation format and/or session chair. Also keep in mind that you will want discussants to be able to read the paper without undue effort so that they can be well prepared for the session.

Paper Specification for Presentation in Symposium, Structured Poster, Working Group Roundtable or Demonstration/Performance Session:

All presenters in an accepted session (excluding any discussants) are required to submit a paper or commentary paper addressing central questions regarding the issue under consideration by the deadline for final paper submissions. Papers or commentary papers for symposia are not limited in length but may be shorter than final full papers (e.g., 1,000 words). Commentary papers need to address all of the elements required for paper submissions: Objectives or purposes; Perspectives(s) or theoretical framework; Methods, techniques or modes of inquiry; Data Sources, evidence, objects or materials; Results and/or substantiated conclusions or warrants for arguments/point of view, and; Scientific or scholarly significance of the study of work.

Online Repository:

With AERA’s online repository, authors have the option to locate their papers in the repository for future use and reference by researchers. The repository extends access to presentations at the Annual Meeting on a virtual online platform and provides for continuous scholar exchange. All authors may elect to have their papers, presentations or commentary papers included in the AERA online paper repository, and will be asked whether they wish to do so at the time of uploading their final paper. Authors of individual papers who made a selection during the initial submission process will have the option to change their selection if desired.
Paper Upload Instructions: 
Authors must upload papers into the AERA online system by March 25, 11:59 pm PT.

  1. Type www.aera.net into your web-browser. Click on log-in at the top of screen and log in with your username and password. Then click on ‘My AERA’ and scroll down to ‘2021 AERA Annual Meeting’ and click on ‘Online Portal’.
  2. Under the General Menu, click on ‘Track a Paper or Session Submission / Upload Final Paper’. 
  3. Click the link ‘upload’ located to the right of the title for the paper you wish to upload. 
  4. You will see an Upload Final Draft Screen. At the top of the page, click either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to participate in the online paper repository. 
  5. Upload your paper and click the ‘Upload and Continue’ button at the bottom right of the screen.
  6. If you need to upload a further revised paper before the March 25 deadline, just follow the instructions above. You cannot edit the paper once it has been uploaded. Uploading a new paper will remove the old paper.
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