Dear SIG-IT Members,

SIG-IT is pleased to announce the awards program for the AERA annual meeting.  Please note that all AERA SIG IT Awards are distributed by our group for AERA. The three awards are:

  • Best Paper Award
  • Best Student Paper Award
  • Young Researcher Award

Please note, if you think your paper is eligible for more than one of these awards, please choose the award that you think is the best fit and apply for that one. The description of each award is provided below.

The SIG-IT Best Paper Award will be presented to the scholar with the best research paper already submitted to SIG-IT and accepted for presentation at the AERA Conference in any format (paper, poster, or roundtable). The award recipient will be given a plaque and a check for $350 at the SIG-IT Business meeting during the annual meeting.

The SIG-IT Best Student Paper Award will be presented to an emerging scholar who is currently a student and who has had his/her paper accepted by SIG-IT for the AERA Conference in any format (i.e., paper, poster, or roundtable). The purpose of the award is to help defray the costs associated with travel to the AERA conference and to continue to encourage student participation within SIG-IT.  The award recipient will receive a check for $500 and a certificate.

The SIG-IT Young Researcher Award will be presented to a deserving new scholar in the field who submits a paper that has not been either accepted for presentation or presented before. The award recipient will present their paper at the SIG-IT business meeting at the AERA Conference and receive a plaque and a check for $350.

Completed applications must be received in January. Applicants will be informed of the decision in February. Please email electronic copies of the cover letter and the paper.

To submit an application or for more information, contact the IT SIG Past Chair. Papers received after January, or not properly blinded will not be considered.


Best Paper Award Past Recipients 

2019: Kyungbin Kwon, Indiana University
"Effects of graphic organizers in online discussions: Comparison between instructor provided and student generated"

2012: Jongpil Cheon, Texas Tech University
"An Investigation of Mobile Learning Readiness in Higher Education based on the Theory of Planned Behavior"

2009: Brian Belland, Utah State University.
"A Follow-Up Study on Scaffolding Middle School Students' Creation of Evidence-Based Arguments"

2007: Minchi Kim, Purdue University and Michael Hannafin , University of Georgia.
"Exploring Critical Factors Influencing Middle School Students' Problem-Solving with Web-enhanced Tools in Science Classes"

2006: Peg Ertmer, Purdue University.  
"Teacher Beliefs: The Final Frontier in our Quest for Technology Integration"

Best Student Paper Award Past Recipients

2019: Lucas Vasconcelos, University of Georgia
"Coding in Scientific Modeling Lessons (CS-Model)"

2010: Deniz Eseryel
"Facilitating Learning in Complex Ecology Systems: Effect of Question Prompts versus System Dynamics Model Progressions as a Cognitive-Regulation Scaffold in a Simulation-Based Inquiry-Learning Environment"

2009: Dazhi Yang, Purdue University
"The Development of a Content Analysis Model for Assessing Students' Cognitive Learning in Asynchronous Online Discussion"

2008: Benjamin E. Erlandson, Arizona State University
"The effect of collaboration modality on cognitive load, science inquiry learning, and motivation in a situated inquiry environment" 

2006: Richard E. West, University of Georgia.
"From student to student: Strategies for successfully gaining graduate teaching experience"

2005: Michael M. Grant 

2004: Krista Glazewski

Early Career Award Past Recipients

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