Membership Categories
Membership Categories

Voting Members (All Countries) 

  • Regular Members: Eligibility requires satisfactory evidence of active interest in education research as well as professional training to at least the master's degree level or equivalent. $215/calendar-year.
    • New DiscountA one-year reduced membership fee for those who were Graduate Student members in 2018 and have obtained their doctoral degree. $115/calendar-year.
  • Graduate Student Members: Any graduate student may be granted graduate student member status with the endorsement of a voting member who is a faculty member at the student's university. Graduate students who are employed full time are not eligible. Graduate student membership is limited to 7 years. $65/calendar year.

Non-Voting Affiliate Members

  • Affiliates: Persons interested in education research who subscribe to the aims of the Association but who are not eligible for or do not seek to be Regular Members may become affiliates. $215/calendar year.
  • Student Affiliates: Any non-graduate student may be granted student affiliate status with the endorsement of a voting member who is a faculty member at the student's college or university. Students who are employed full-time are not eligible. Student membership is limited to five years. $40/calendar year.
  • International Affiliates : Citizens of countries other than the United States who are interested in education research are eligible to join this category. $165/calendar year. An international affiliate who is qualified to become a voting member may change membership to Regular Member category at any time.
  • International Affiliates – Low-Income Countries: Citizens of countries other than the United States who are interested in education research and are from countries defined by the World Bank as Low-Income Economies are eligible to join this category. $85/calendar year.

Note: Membership dues are non-refundable.

AERA Hardship Policy 

The Hardship Provision is available to any AERA member whose financial condition has changed drastically and sufficiently so that a member would have difficulty renewing their membership. A member must be in good standing for at least three previous years to qualify for the hardship provision. Under this provision, a member is granted a waiver for one year of AERA membership dues and one year of dues for membership in a division and one special interest group of which the applicant was a member the previous year. The Hardship Provision may be granted for a maximum of one year for each member.

To apply for consideration, send a letter via email explaining the nature of the hardship, along with member number, choice of division, and choice of special interest group, to the attention of Felice Levine, AERA Executive Director, at prior to the membership expiration date.

NEW: Pay for Two-Years of Membership

There is now an option to pay for two-years of AERA membership. Two categories of membership have limits on the number of years they qualify: Graduate Students - 7 years and Student Affiliates - 5 years. 

Member Testimonials

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