Who We Are
Who We Are
Profile of Division K Members

Division K Teaching and Teacher Education


Vice President

Dorothea Anagnostopoulos

University of Connecticut



Hala N. Ghousseini

University of Wisconsin – Madison


Program Chairs

Kenneth Fasching-Varner

Louisiana State University

Kevin Roxas

Western Washington University


Equity and Inclusion Officer

Sherell A. McArthur

University of Georgia – Athens


Senior Graduate Student Representative

Lindsay Stewart

Louisiana State University



Chester Tadeja

California State Polytechnic University



Section Co-Chairs:

Section 1. Teaching and Teacher Education in the Content Areas

Steven Bickmore, University of Nevada Las Vegas, steven.bickmore@unlv.edu

Tutita Casa, University of Connecticut, tutita.casa@uconn.edu

Kerri Tobin, Louisiana State University, ktobin@lsu.edu


Section 2. Teacher Leadership Within and Beyond the Classroom

Karla Scornavacco, University of Colorado at Boulder, karla.scornavacco@colorado.edu

Monica Taylor, Montclair State University, taylorm@mail.montclair.edu


Section 3. Teachers’ and Teacher Educators’ Lives: Lived Experiences, Identities, Socialization and Development

Jake Bennett, Vanderbilt University, jacob.s.bennett@vanderbilt.edu

Alyssa Hadley Dunn, Michigan State University, ahdunn@msu.edu

Chyllis Scott, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, chyllis.scott@unlv.edu


Section 4. Multicultural, Inclusive, and Social Justice Frameworks in PK–16+ Settings

Jennifer Bondy, Virginia Tech, jmbondy@vt.edu

Rita Kohli, University of California-Riverside, rita.kohli@ucr.edu

Norma Marrun, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, norma.marrun@unlv.edu


Section 5. Preservice Teacher Education Coursework: Curriculum and Teaching to Improve Teacher Knowledge, Understanding, and Pedagogical Practices

Alison G. Dover, California State University Fullerton, adover@fullerton.edu

Conra Gist, University of Houston, cdgist@uh.edu

Jon M Wargo, Boston College, wargoj@bc.edu


Section 6. Field Experiences: Student Teaching, Supervision, School/Community Collaborations, and Innovative Approaches and Models

Emily Smith, Fairfield University, esmith@fairfield.edu

Raven Jones Stanbrough, Michigan State University, jonesrav@msu.edu


Section 7: Teacher Recruitment, Induction, Mentoring, and Retention For and From Diverse Communities and Contexts

Margarita Jimenez-Silva, University of California, Davis, mjimenezsilva@ucdavis.edu

Danny C. Martinez, University of California, Davis,dcmar@ucdavis.edu


Section 8: Teacher Learning and Professional Development

Jim Hollar Alverno College, jimhollar1@gmail.com

Sarah Levine, Stanford University, srlevine@standford.edu

Jill Newton, Purdue University, janewton@purdue.edu


Section 9: Teacher Education Innovation and Policy

Rachael Gabriel, University of Connecticut, rachael.gabriel@uconn.edu

Nathan Jones, Boston University, ndjones@bu.edu


Section 10: Teacher Educator Learning and Practice

David Lee Carlson, Arizona State University, dlcarlson2@gmail.com

Sonya Hayes, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, shayes22@utk.edu

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