Our awards committee is happy to announce the following winners for our division this year. We congratulate all individuals! We look forward to honoring them at our business meeting. Please reserve time on Sunday, April 7 at 7:05pm at the Toronto Convention Centre, room 801B to learn more about our winners, our division, and important issues affecting our profession. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest information on the great things our division is showcasing at the conference! Again, congratulations to our winners. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Outstanding Dissertation Award

Julia Daniels

Title:  "White women teachers and the possibilities of harm reduction"


Manka Varghese (Chair)

Megan Madigan Peercy

Maggie Beneke

Nicole Michelle Joseph

Detra Price-Dennis

Maribel Santiago

Early Career Award

Conra Gist


Dorinda Carter Andrews (Chair)

Ilana Horn

Keffrelyn Brown

Travis Bristol

Maria del Carmen Salazar

Rita Kohli

Exemplary Research in Teaching and Teacher Education

Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Molly Cummings Carney, Elizabeth Stringer Keefe, Stephani Burton, Wen-Chia Chang, M. Beatriz Fernández, Andrew F. Miller, Juan Gabriel Sánchez, Megina Baker

Title: Reclaiming Accountability in Teacher Education


Wendy Glenn (Chair)

Tracey Flores

Victor Malo-Juvera

Antero Garcia

Mollie Blackburn

Tonya Perry

Mid-Career Award

Thomas Philip


Anthony Brown (Chair)

Jamy Stillman

Christine Sleeter

Yolanda Sealy Ruiz

LaGarrett King

Innovations in Research on Equity & Social Justice in Teacher Education

Okhee Lee


Betina Hsieh (Chair)

Carey Andrzejewski

Christian Bracho

Sherry Deckman

Cathery Yeh

Legacy Award

Arnetha Ball &

Jo-Ann Archibald


A. Lin Goodwin (Chair)

Celia Genishi

Kimberly White-Smith

Val Ooka Pang

Emilie Mitescu Reagan

Viv Ellis

2016 Awards

Outstanding Dissertation Awards

Olena Aydarova, Arizona State University
Teacher Education Reform as Political Theatre: Modernization Dramas in the Russian Federation

Nicole L. Louie, University of Texas at El Paso
Learning to Redefine “Good at Math”: Tensions and Possibilities in Equity-Oriented Mathematics Teachers’ Everyday Practice

Thomas Philips, UCLA (chair)
Lauren Anderson, Connecticut College
Edward Brockenbrough, University of Rochester
Betina Hsieh, California State University, Long Beach

Early Career Award
Higinio Dominguez, Michigan State University

Reyes L. Quezada, University of San Diego (chair)
Belinda Bustos Flores, University of Texas at San Antonio
Maria Assunção Flores Fernandes, University of Minho, Portugal
Emily Lin, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Lori Piowlski, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Joi Spencer, University of San Diego

Mid-Career Award
Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, Teachers College, Columbia University

Okhee Lee, NYU (chair)
Cory Buxton, University of Georgia
Jennifer Langer-Osuna, Stanford University
Bettina Love, University of Georgia
Denise Dávila, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Exemplary Research in Teaching and Teacher Education Award
Karen R. Harris, Arizona State University, Steve Graham, Arizona State University, and Mary Adkins, Goucher College
Practice-based professional development and self-regulated strategy development for Tier 2, at-risk writers in second grade. Contemporary Educational Psychology, January 2015.

Luciana De Oliveira, University of Miami (chair)
Steve Athanases, University of California, Davis
Ana Maria Villegas, Montclair State University
Simone White, Monash University, Melbourne

Innovations in Research on Diversity in Teacher Education Award
Eva Zygmunt, Patricia Clark, Kristin Cipollone, Jon Clausen, Wilfridah Mucherah, and Susan Tancock, Ball State University
“Schools within the Context of Community”

David Kirkland, NYU (chair)
April Baker-Bell, Michigan State University
Ranita Cheruvu, William Paterson
Lamar Johnson, Miami University of Ohio
Peter Tan Keo, NYU
Jamila Lyiscott, Teachers College, Columbia University
sj Miller, University of Colorado, Boulder
Amber Pabon, University of Pittsburgh
Chevare Warren, Michigan State University

Division K Legacy Award
Etta R. Hollins, University of Missouri, Kansas City

Sharon Ryan, Rutgers University (chair)
Wanda Blanchett, Rutgers University
Kathleen Hinchman, Syracuse University
Frank Pignatosi, NYU

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