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Message from Division VP

Message from the Vice-President

Dear Division C Colleagues and Friends,

I wanted to thank everyone for their contributions to the 2017 annual meeting. I realize that not all of you could attend, but I suspect most of you either read proposals, submitted proposals, or supported someone else who attended.  The program this year was outstanding, although I am sure we rejected some strong proposals, with many great sessions that were largely well attended. We did have some competition among popular sessions and the usual problems associated with large conferences, but overall the program was great.  I heard, and witnessed, that other events were well attended and successful. Thank you all for your efforts.  I especially want to thank Jeff Greene and his program committee for their efforts putting together a solid program.

As I noted at the annual business meeting and again in my email of May 10, one of the issues we are facing as an organization is a dip in membership that will impact our budget. As of June 2nd, 2017 we are at 4066 members, which puts us back up into a more comfortable number for our budget.  Thank you for your help in getting it back up. Please note that we do need to continue the effort and so I ask you all to try to find one or two more members.

We do want to continue to tackle the issues that impact our membership. I have heard from a few people about the membership issue and the financial aspect has been the most prominent in the concerns noted. It is harder and harder to get funding for memberships and conferences. I think this means that we need to focus more on how to make membership meaningful back so that people will more readily see value in their membership.

I heard from more people about the “youth conference” that is being planned in conjunction with the annual meeting.  Helenrose Fives has run with the idea and we are hoping to pilot it in NY.  Quite a few members have volunteered to help and shown support.  If you want to be involved or at least to have more information please contact Helenrose (fivesh@mail.montclair.edu). She is keeping a list of people who are offering to help.

The other issue we have been discussing is how Division C can/should engage in mid-career mentoring. This issue sprang up from many of our associate level members who do a ton of service for the division. My belief is that we should be able to give back to this group with a mentoring program.  I am researching what other organizations have done in this area. Thank you to those of you who have offered ideas.  I came across this article from the Chronicle on Twitter and wanted to share it. You need twitter to view it with this link.  Helping Professors Overcome Midcareer Malaise - The Chronicle of Higher Education from The Chronicle’s Tweet   Please send me ideas that you either come across or may have been considering regarding how we can facilitate the development of our mid-career members. 

Looking forward to seeing you all in New York!

Barbara A. Greene, Ph.D.
Department of Educational Psychology
University of Oklahoma


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