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Open Plenary Session:
Teresa A. Sullivan, 
President, University of Virginia
A Pipeline of Innovation:
Presidential Address:
Barbara Schneider

Aligned Ambitions:

Wallace Foundation 
Distinguished Lecture:  
Catherine Snow 

Rigor and Realism: 


AERA Distinguished Lecture: 
Anthony Bryk

Featured Presidential Sessions
Innovations in Access to and Success in College
Chair: Lindsay Coleman Page • Discussant: Jack Buckley • Participants: Thomas R. Bailey, Sandy Baum, Benjamin Castleman, Lindsay Coleman Page, Bridget Terry Long  

Enriching Research and Innovation Through the Specification of Professional Practice: The Core Practice Consortium
Chair: Pamela Grossman  Discussant:  Anthony S. Bryk •  Participants: Megan L. Franke, Sarah Schneider Kavanagh, Mark A. Windschitl, Jessica Dobson, Deborah Loewenberg Ball 

The Science of Learning, the Education Sciences - Strange Bedfellows or All in the Family?
Participants: David Klahr, Daniel L. Schwartz, Nora Newcombe, Bror Valdemar-Haug Saxberg

Reframing Immigrants and Immigration: The Promise and Possibility
Chair: Kris D. Gutiérrez • Discussant: Guadalupe Valdés • Participants: Ruben Rumbaut, Vilma Ortiz, Lisa (Leigh) Patel, Marjorie Faulstich Orellana

How Housing and Neighborhood Contexts Shape Children’s Educational Outcomes
Chair: Ann Owens • Discussant: Robert Halpern • Participants: Eva Rosen, Ann Owens, Patrick T. Sharkey

The Contributions of Research and Evaluation to the Educational Innovation Ecosystem: Lessons From Around the World
Chair: Stephan Vincent-Lancrin • Discussant: John Q. Easton • Participants: Paul Collard, Thomas R. Bailey, Rukmini Banerji, Shawn Powers 

Innovative Validity Approaches for High-Quality Assessments: An Interaction
Chair: Barbara A. Chow • Participants: Linda Darling-Hammond, Joan L. Herman, James W. Pellegrino, Li Cai, Eva L. Baker • Discussants: Joseph L. Willhoft, Kent McGuire, Douglas F. Becker, Jack Buckley

The Need for Evidence-Based Understanding of Immigration and Its Consequences
Chair: Alfredo J. Artiles  • Discussants: Howard F. Chang • Participants: Douglas Massey, Roberto Gonzales, Joanna Dreby, Veronica Terriquez

2012 PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) Results: Why We Should Care About International Comparisons
Chair and Participant: 
Martin Carnoy • Presenter: Andreas Schleicher • Participants: William H. Schmidt, Henry M. Levin 

Designing Teacher Evaluation and Support Systems: New Guidance for Educators and Policy Makers Emerging From the Measures of Effective Teaching Study
Robert Pianta • Participants: Steven M. Cantrell, Erik Ruzek, Christopher Hafen, Bridget Kathleen Hamre, Robert Pianta, Ronald F. Ferguson, Charlotte F. Danielson, Kata Mihaly, Daniel F. McCaffery, Douglas Staiger, Thomas Kane 

Universal Preschool: What Have We Learned, and What Does It Mean for Practice and Policy?
Rachel A. Gordon • Discussant: Libby Doggett • Participants: William S. Barnett, Dale C. Farran, Rachel A. Gordon 

Analysis of Social Networks of Educators: Empirical Findings, Practical Applications, New Directions, and Theoretical Issues
Min Sun • Discussant: Cynthia E. Coburn • Participants: Kenneth A. Frank, Alan J. Daly,  James P. Spillane, Megan Hopkins, William R. Penuel

Noncognitive Factors Affecting Student Success: State of the Science and Opportunities for School Improvement
Chair: David Scott Yeager • Discussants: Anthony S. Bryk, Carol Dweck • Participants: Angela L. Duckworth, Cybele Raver, David Scott Yeager, Geoffrey L. Cohen, Gregory Mariotti Walton

Learning Analytics: Capturing, Analyzing, and Visualizing Experiences of Lifelong Learning

Chair and Participant: Taylor Martin • Discussant: Edward Dieterle • Participants: John T. Behrens, Ryan Baker, Marie Bienkowski, Bob Wise

AERA Awards Luncheon
Policy Speakers

Former Governor of Pennsylvania

Edward G Rendell 

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