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AERA 2022 Annual Meeting Press Policy

Who is eligible for press registration?

Complimentary press registration is provided to qualified working reporters who are employees of, or freelancers on assignment to, locally, nationally or internationally recognized print, broadcast, or online media outlets with a demonstrated history of reporting on relevant education issues.

Public relations professionals at educational institutions and organizations who help disseminate news about education research are also eligible for press registration.

AERA retains the right to evaluate press credentials and grant or deny press registration at its discretion. Receiving press registration one year is not a guarantee of receiving it in future years.

Press access is open to any sessions that are open to all meeting registrants.

How do press register?

Press may register for the 2022 AERA Annual Meeting by completing the online form (available soon). Questions can be directed to

Vaccine and mask policy

Proof of vaccination and masking are required to attend the 2022 AERA Annual Meeting in San Diego. All attendees must be FULLY VACCINATED to attend in person. The masking requirement will remain in place unless guidance from public health authorities leading up to the Annual Meeting recommends that the AERA Council revisit this policy. See proof of vaccination requirements for those with and without U.S. vaccination cards here. Once AERA has confirmed press registration for a reporter with a U.S. vaccination card, we will send the reporter a registration ID # so they can complete the CLEAR process.

Recording policy

Audio and video recording of meeting sessions and events for public dissemination is not permitted. 

Embargo policy

Contents of research papers being presented at the 2022 AERA Annual Meeting are embargoed until 12:01 a.m. PT on the date the paper is scheduled to be delivered. Within the online meeting program, links to the abstracts of research papers are available. By accessing the schedule, you acknowledge that the contents of the abstracts are subject to AERA’s embargo policy.

Professional conduct

Registrants acknowledge that their professional conduct will adhere to the AERA Code of Ethics, including with respect to nondiscrimination, nonexploitation, and harassment.

Attendee waiver

Certain sessions during the 2022 AERA Annual Meeting will be hosted, streamed, and recorded online. By registering for the 2022 AERA Annual Meeting, all presenters, speakers, and attendees understand that their likeness might be captured during the annual meeting sessions. These recordings are the exclusive property of AERA and may be used for future educational and promotional purposes.