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Special Remote Access Requests

For participants in place-based submitted or invited sessions in San Diego, remote access may be given to provide high-quality service for those with special remote access needs.

As part of the special services and accessibility offerings, AERA will provide remote access into in-person sessions in San Diego in extenuating circumstances. This service will include room-targeted expanded bandwidth, audio/visual equipment, and onsite technical support to enable a limited number of presenters to connect to their sessions remotely under special circumstances using their own virtual service (e.g., WebEx, Zoom, Meetings).

Access to this special service will be available upon advanced request. Those seeking such services will need to complete the Remote Access Request Form no later than Friday, April 1. Requests will be reviewed within 5 working days of their receipt. Eligibility will be determined based on the following:

  • Illness or injury that precludes travel 
  • Disability that precludes travel
  • Certified medical exemption from vaccination
  • Change in travel regulations (after December 10) that precludes travel to the U.S.
  • Unanticipated family health crisis

To request remote access services for the place-based meeting, complete the Remote Access Request form found here. Individuals approved for participation in place-based sessions via remote access must be registered for the place-based Annual Meeting. If you have questions, please email access@aera.net (include “Remote Access” in the subject line).

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