Holistic Education SIG 135
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The purpose of this SIG is to facilitate and support holistic Education toward the well-being of individuals and society through practice, theory, and research focusing on the integration of intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions of experience. 

Message from SIG Chair
Dear Holistic Education SIG Members!

As Cochairs,  we greet you today with a Holistic Call To Action!

We greet you at a time without precedent. Never over the past 40 years have we witnessed the groundswell we see today of focus on holistic education.
-  Funders of the ranks of San Francisco's Stuart Foundation have elevated the whole child to its paramount program priority.
- Nationally  acclaimed support providers such as the ASCD have placed the whole child at their programming's heart.
-  These currents have raised the importance of holistic research to new and urgent levels.
- We already know what history has taught: absent the grounding in robust research, the strongest  reform tides  ebb and ultimately fade away with little lasting trace, let alone systems change.

We are together as SIG uniquely positioned to upend that precedent.  Together through our years of work together we are equipped to furnish the research that will help deepen detail and strengthen this stream.

For this destiny of our SIG to be fulfilled, we need you now!

1.  Renew your Holistic Ed SIG Membership.
2. Send an email to your colleagues: 'join the holistic education SIG!'

We will be in touch as our program matures. We continue to celebrate that Linda Darling Hammond was our key note in DC and are making plans for a speaker of her caliber next spring!

Thank you!
Ida Oberman & Juli Kramer
Holistic Education Research Co-Chairs
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