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Division A Program and Annual Meeting

Division A Program Committee







Sonya Horsford

Alex Bowers

Elizabeth Murakami

Martin Scanlon




Martin Scanlon

April Peters Hawkins

Section 1: Leadership

Martin Scanlon

Melinda Mangin

Susan Faircloth

Julia Ballenger &

Craig Hochbein

Section 2: School

Organization and Effects

Julian Vasquez


Wayne Lewis

Hans Klar

Vincent Cho

Section 3: School Improvement

Latish Reed

Karen Jackson

Ann Allen

Rosa Rivera-McCutchen

Section 4: School Contexts and Communities

Peter Miller

John A. Oliver

Ty-Ron Douglas

Madeline Hafner

Section 5: Leadership Development

April Peters

Karen Stansberry Beard

Scott Bowers

Karen Sanzo

2015 Program Call Overview

The 2015 AERA Annual Meeting theme is a call to “examine the meaning of culture, language, and heritage in education research and praxis with the aim of advancing justice.”

As the call states further: “We have the opportunity and the moral obligation to apply principles and evidence from social science research and theorizing to the problems of injustice.” Given our role as the Division for Administration, Organization and Leadership, we invite papers which applying social science research principles and evidence to finding solutions and ameliorating the effects of injustice in our schools. We also invite papers which explore how our division (and its various sections) conceptualize justice and approaches to its advancement in schools and in our work as researchers, scholars and faculty.

Division A is broadly committed to supporting scholarly research in the field of educational organization, leadership, administration and school reform; to disseminating knowledge about and for the field; and to improving the capacity of the profession in our field to enhance the public good. We look for papers that address this broader commitment, and in particular papers that seek to explore the role of educational leaders, policy makers, and institutions to improve PK-12 education for all children. We also seek papers that reflect innovative research-based approaches to such issues and that engage practitioners, policy makers and researchers in applying research to policy and practice in educational organization, leadership and administration in PK-12 education and promoting justice and equity for all children.  We share the intent of the 2015 AERA call, to deepen both our focus and our process around the principles of justice. As the 2015 AERA call states: The aim is to make room for democratized knowledge and knowledge production in which the experiences of all people are shaped by principles and practices of justice.

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