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This SIG adopts an interdisciplinary and international approach to understanding many aspects of educational change, including large-scale reform, school-initiated change, school improvement, and classroom-level change.



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Our 2nd book, Future Directions of Educational Change, has been published!

Future Directions of Educational Change brings together timely discussions on social justice, professional capital, and systems change from some of the leading scholars in the field of education. Engaging in theory and evidence-based debates covering issues such as literacy education, whole system reform, and teacher leadership, this volume argues that quality and equity are equally important in reshaping existing education systems both within the United States and globally. The authors offer contextual analyses of current educational research and practice while looking toward the future and offering thought-provoking arguments for challenging and rectifying the systemic inequalities within education today.

Editors: Helen Janc Malone (Educational Change SIG Chair), Santiago Rincón-Gallardo (frmr SIG Program Chair), and Kristin Kew (current SIG Program Chair)

"The struggle to both understand and change school systems so they are socially just and organized for all students is beautifully displayed here. This is a critically important book for our time!" Ann Lieberman, Emeritus Professor of Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

"Thinking about educational change within an international context has never been so critically important. Future Directions of Educational Change offers new perspectives and important insights into a changing global landscape. This book has to be on the bookshelf of those charged with, and responsible for, educational transformation, change and improvement." Alma Harris, FRSA, Professor of Educational leadership and Policy, University of Bath, UK


2017-18 Letter

Dear AERA Educational Change SIG Members,

Thank you to all who attended our business meeting - we had 100 people in the room! Thank you to Dr. Dennis Shirley and the Journal of Educational Change for sponsoring the  reception, Dr. Carol Campbell for her keynote address, and Dr. Alma Harris for her discussant remarks. We networked, learned together, and several lucky members walked away with prizes. To see the highlights, follow us on Twitter @EdChangeSIG

Each year the SIG honors two award winners, an emerging scholar award, and a graduate student award (rotating between research and travel awards). We had strong candidates this year, and the winners are: Emerging Scholar Award - Dr. Jennie Weiner, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Connecticut; and, Graduate Student Research Award - Meixi, Doctoral Student, University of Washington. Thank you to our Awards Committee on its service: Drs. Na Mi Bang (Univ. of Central Arkansas); Jeff Blacklock (Midwestern State Univ.), Alma Harris (Univ. of Bath), and Emily Klein (Montclair State Univ.). 

We had a record-breaking number of submissions this year, and thank dozens of presenters, chairs, and discussants who held high-quality [and well-attended] sessions. The 2018 AERA theme is "The Dreams, Possibilities, and Necessity of Public Education." The meeting will be held in New York City, April 13-17, 2018. The proposal window opens in June. Let's keep breaking our submission records!

As I enter the last year of service to the SIG, I  thank you for all your support and engagement, and encourage you to consider running for office. We are looking for the following elected positions (3-year term): Chair; Program Chair; and Secretary/Treasurer. Look to our September issue for all the details and the nomination form. Please note that appointed positions for web management, Lead the Change Series editor, and social media will also be available at the discretion of new officers.

Looking to 2017-18 AERA year, I am excited to continue our mentoring and awards programs, continue to grow our social media visibility, and to extend diverse professional development and knowledge sharing opportunities to all of you. We are on our 70th issue of Lead the Change, and have a fantastic line-up for the incoming year, as well as the second book based on the series, available in Sept. 2017 through Routledge, Future Directions for Educational Change. The first one was published through Teachers College Press, Leading Educational Change

See you in New York City for the annual meeting 2018!

Warm regards,

Dr. Helen Janc Malone
AERA Educational Change SIG Chair


SIG Member Publication Corner 

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Our SIG offers multiple opportunities for scholarship, mentoring, and networking. Visit our News page to read the latest calls for proposals and learn about our partners journals. Access our Meetings page to learn about upcoming conferences and calls for convening proposals. Every year, the SIG gives Awards to emerging scholars and outstanding graduate students. Apply this Fall! We will be launching a mentoring session this Spring at AERA 2016. Several leading global scholars have already signed up to volunteer as mentors.  Join them by volunteering at corriest@buffalo.edu.


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