Message from SIG Chair
Message from SIG Chair
SIG Chair

Call for Proposals: AERA 2013 Annual Meeting

Dear Cultural-Historical Special Interest Group Members, 

As your SIG program chairs, we are very excited to be sending out the AERA 2013 call for proposals! We feel that the theme, "Education and Poverty: Theory, Research, Policy, and Praxis,” is especially significant to our SIG members and colleagues as we often attempt to address ongoing disparities between the rich and poor in the United States and around the world that is grounded in specific understandings of the ways and means human development is understood within global contexts. We welcome all submissions, especially those that explore this general theme from a cultural-historical perspective, but would especially encourage proposals that explore the general theme from the intersections between theory and praxis. 

Please note that there are very limited numbers of symposia available. Roundtables are a good option as they are set up to allow for ‘presenting’ and discussion of various papers. The distinguishing factor is that the goal of the roundtable is more discussion amongst all the participants whereas a symposium is arranged more for formal presentation of works with a discussant providing most of the connecting and critique. 

We would also like to encourage ideas for a professional development session for 2013. Our SIG has held some very successful ones in the past and there is interest in participating in 2013. If you are interested in being a part of the development of a PD course, please contact us and let us know your thoughts, whether as a potential ‘more knowledgeable’ peer who would be a willing instructor, or drop us a line with an area of interest you would like to have addressed. 

The deadline for proposal submissions for a PD course is July 22nd so please act quickly; SIG officers are willing to assist. 

Keep in mind that the number and type of sessions allocated by AERA to each unit are
based in part on the total number of proposals received by the unit - so please submit your proposals to our SIG. 

The Cultural-Historical Research SIG needs your contributions to create a strong and visible program! 


Emily Duvall, PhD
Carrie Lobman, EdD 
Cultural-Historical Research SIG Program Co-Chairs

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