Science Teaching and Learning SIG 122
SIG Purpose
The Science Teaching and Learning SIG is a community comprised of discipline specialists, curriculum developers, educational researchers, classroom experts, and policymakers concerned with research on science teaching and learning. The STL SIG provides a platform to engage education stakeholders in analyzing, problematizing, challenging, and deepening the discourse in science and related disciplines to the end of influencing education in and out of the classroom for all learners.

Message from SIG Chair
Dear STL Members,

Thank you for an inspiring STL SIG business meeting held at the Inspiration Kitchen in Chicago.

This evening we welcomed old and new friends to our SIG. We introduced our incoming Program Co-Chair, Enriquez Lopez, and congratulated Jennifer Schellinger and Merryn Cole with plaques for the STL Travel Grant award. We were also joined by a team of inspiring educators-researchers-change agents: Danny Morales-Doyle, Deb Morrison, Deborah Tippins, and Carolina Castano Rodriguez. They led a compelling discussion about critical pedagogy across and within social, cultural, and political contexts of science/STEM education. 

Thank you for your time and effort to travel to the Inspiration Kitchen (Garfield Park) - described on its website as a place for "memorable meals, friendly service, stylish atmosphere and the joy of giving hope and opportunity to students working to achieve self-sufficiency. Inspiration Kitchens has helped hundreds of individuals gain the skills they need to find employment and exit homelessness and poverty." - it was a venue that fit the purpose of creating the Travel Grant program, to support local businesses like this.

A few of the items that will be raised among the STL SIG officers and members:

  • Support doctoral students by inviting outstanding new scholars to present their research at the business meeting 
  • Find an alternative, easier means to register for the STL Business Meeting
  • Expand the STL community through social media (FB, Twitter, etc.)

The call for volunteers to review proposals for AERA 2016 is now open. Please log into AERA On-line portal to volunteer!  And please urge colleagues to register with STL as a member.


Sumi Hagiwara


ST&L SIG Chair 2014-2015

Who We Are
Profile of 2015-2016 Science Teaching and Learning SIG #122 Officers

SIG Chair 

Katie Brkich 

Georgia Southern University 


Program Chair 

Tara O'Neil 

University of Hawaii at Manoa 


Program Co-Chair 

Enrique Lopez

University of Colorado


Secretary and Treasurer

Sara Tolbert

University of Arizona at Tuscon


The Science Teaching and Learning SIG Travel Award Program



Early Career Researcher Travel Award

Doctoral Student Travel Award

Mid-Career Researcher Travel Award

Description of award

$500 Award for early career researcher who completed his/her doctorate within the last 5 years and has an accepted proposal to present in the Science Teaching and Learning SIG.

$500 Award for doctoral student who plans to attend AERA and has an accepted proposal to present in the Science Teaching and Learning SIG.

$500 Award for mid-career researcher from a UNDP low ranked country who plans to attend AERA and has an accepted proposal to present in the Science Teaching and Learning SIG.


STLTravel Grants Description.docx

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