Philosophical Studies in Education SIG 76
Philosophical Studies in Education SIG 76
SIG Purpose

Philosophical Studies in Education at AERA provides a venue for thoughtful examination of prevailing philosophical theories, questions, and methods as they bear on education theory, research, and problems. 

Message from SIG Chair
We welcome any interested scholar or educator to join the Philosophical Studies in Education SIG. Philosophy of education is concerned with the interpretation, criticism, and imaginative reconstruction of educational ideas and arguments. Philosophers of education often ask what it means to be an educated person and what the goal of schools should be in a democratic society. The questions of philosophy of education involve issues of meaning and values, questions that are not fully answerable through scientific methods. The methods of philosophy involve the interpretative strategies often associated with humanistic inquiry: close reading of classical and contemporary texts, logical and ethical analysis, and historical contextualization. If you love reading books, debating ideas, and imagining new educational possibilities, this SIG warmly welcomes your participation! 

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Who We Are

Profile of Philosophical Studies in Education SIG #76 Members
SIG Officers
Chair (2019-2021): Paula McAvoy (North Carolina State University) 

Program Chair (2019-2020): Rebecca Taylor (Suffolk University) 

Communications Officer (2018-2020): Liz Jackson (University of Hong Kong)

Treasurer (2018-2020): Benjamin Bindewald (Oklahoma State University)

Structure & Government

Key Initiatives
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