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Kimberlé W. Crenshaw Tyrone C. Howard Gloria J. Ladson-Billings Dolores Delgado Bernal


Program Information

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Key Sessions and Speakers
Explore the links below to browse AERA’s compelling
line-up of major sessions and speakers.

Presenter and Participant Information
AERA has compiled helpful information for presenters and participants such as roles and responsibilities of chairs and discussants, poster preparation instructions, and session formats.

Professional Development Courses 
AERA will offer a robust program of professional development courses for the 2024 AERA Annual Meeting.

AERA i-Presentation Gallery
The AERA i-Presentation Gallery provides Annual Meeting presenters a user-friendly vehicle to present their papers in a dynamic format that allows for an overall narration as well as audio or video capture within any slide as part of their display.

Meet the Editors
AERA Meet the Editors are informal sessions designed to facilitate journal editors' communication on a one-to-one basis with reviewers, authors, and potential authors.

With more than 2,500 sessions to choose from, the 2024 Annual Meeting provides a dynamic experience with opportunities to learn from prominent scholars, discover the latest research, engage in stimulating conversations, and foster professional relationships.

Program Snapshot

The 2024 Annual Meeting offers a rich array of sessions and events for all attendees.

Major events such as the Opening Keynote Lecture, the AERA Presidential Address, the AERA Distinguished Lecture and the Wallace Foundation Distinguished Lecture, the AERA Awards Ceremony and Celebration, and more, should be on every attendee’s schedule. Along with AERA Awards Lectures, these premier sessions offer unparalleled opportunities to hear from thought leaders, exemplary researchers, and champions of education research.

The Opening Keynote Lecture will be given by Kimberlé W. Crenshaw, a pioneering scholar and writer on civil rights, critical race theory, Black feminist legal theory, and race, racism and the law.

Tied to the 2024 Annual Meeting theme “Dismantling Racial Injustice and Constructing Educational Possibilities: A Call to Action,” 38 AERA Presidential Sessions provide rich and compelling content designed to engage attendees on key issues in education research, policy, and practice.

The Research and Science Policy Forum will offer a series of sessions focused on important issues at the intersection of education research and science policy. Presenters include policy leaders from key federal science offices and agencies, foundation heads, and important scholars.

In addition to major lectures and high-profile AERA-wide sessions, hundreds of paper, roundtable, and poster sessions and symposia will be held by AERA divisions, SIGs, and committees. Be certain to check out the sessions offered by those AERA units that align with your research interests.

In collaboration with the World Education Research Association and numerous other international organizations, the Annual Meeting not only spotlights research from around the globe but also supports and advances the worldwide impact of the field.

The “Spotlight on Philadelphia and the Region” Series will delve into research focused on pressing education issues in the Philadelphia area, including public school reform, educator diversity, culturally relevant instruction, and more.  

Among the special features this year are e-Lightening Ed-Talks, where selected authors will present their research in the form of a brief and engaging presentation in the Exhibit Hall. AERA is also pleased to showcase again this year the Graduate Student Research-in-Progress Roundtable Series and the Youth Teams in Education Research Program, which were both successfully pilot-tested at the 2023 Annual Meeting.


Please check this page regularly for updates. Dates, times, and locations will be added as they become available. All times are in Eastern Time.

Major Events

Opening Plenary—Fighting Back to Move Forward: Defending the Freedom to Learn In the War Against Woke

In her keynote lecture, "Fighting Back to Move Forward: Defending the Freedom to Learn In the War Against Woke," Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw will outline how extremists have weaponized critical race theory (CRT) in their “war on woke,” a dog whistle campaign that has functioned to impair public education, erase history,  circumscribe freedom of expression, and roll back the modest gains of the Civil Rights Movement. Professor Crenshaw will explore the ways that liberal institutions have been complicit in this war, endangering core features of our democracy. In the face of ever-growing book bans, legislation prohibiting the teaching of CRT, and an increasingly regressive environment in schools around the country, the collective efforts of educators to defend the freedom to learn in our schools is critical to the freedom to live in a multiracial democracy. Professor Crenshaw’s lecture will be followed by a conversation with AERA President Tyrone C. Howard.
Thursday, April 11, 6:10 pm to 7:40 pm
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Ballroom AB

Image of reception table in the foreground with blurry image of people attending a reception in the background AERA Annual Meeting Welcome Reception
Join fellow attendees and colleagues at the welcoming reception, immediately following the Opening Plenary.
Thursday, April 11, 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Ballroom AB
Presidential Address
Learn from the wisdom and knowledge of AERA President Tyrone Howard. The Presidential Address is an annual “can’t miss” event, where the state and future of the field are examined and attendees are inspired.
​Speaker: Tyrone C. Howard (University of California, Los Angeles)
Saturday, April 13, 4:55 pm to 6:25 pm
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Ballroom AB

One Philly: How the City and the School District of Philadelphia Collaborate to Achieve Educational Success
A Conversation with Mayor Cherelle L. Parker and Superintendent Dr. Tony B. Watlington
Friday, April 12, 4:55 pm to 6:00 pm
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Level 100 - Michael A. Nutter Theater

Moderated by AERA President Dr. Tyrone Howard

2024 Distinguished Lectures
The AERA Distinguished Lecture and the Wallace Foundation Distinguished Lecture will be delivered by Gloria J. Ladson-Billings and Dolores Delgado Bernal, respectively.

2024 AERA Distinguished Lecture – "Not Yet at Plessy": 70 Years Post-Brown
Gloria J. Ladson-Billings (University of Wisconsin – Madison)
Friday, April 12, 11:25 am to 12:55 pm
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Level 100 - Michael A. Nutter Theater

2024 Wallace Foundation Distinguished Lecture – Disrupting Dominant Research Paradigms: A Collective Journey to Chicana/Latina Feminista Methodologies
Speaker: Dolores Delgado Bernal (Loyola Marymount University)
Sunday, April 14, 1:15 pm to 2:45 pm
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Level 100 - Michael A. Nutter Theater

Stock image of crowd looking at people on a stage 2024 Awards Ceremony and Celebration
All meeting attendees are invited to join the 2024 Awards Ceremony and Celebration. Dedicated to recognizing excellence in education research, this special event honors AERA awardees.
Friday, April 12, 1:15 pm to 2:45 pm
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Level 100 - Michael A. Nutter Theater
Stock image of people watching a presentation AERA Welcoming Orientation for New Members and First-Time Attendees
New members and first-time meeting attendees are invited to an orientation session that offers an opportunity to learn more about the association and the benefits of being a member, as well as navigating the Annual Meeting.
Thursday, April 11, 7:10 am to 8:40 am
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Room 204 AB
“Spotlight on Philadelphia and the Region” Series
This series of sessions will delve into research focused on pressing education issues in the Philadelphia area, including public school reform, educator diversity, culturally relevant instruction, and more. 
Stock image of back of man at podium speaking to an audience

Business Meeting
Sunday, April 14, 8:15 am to 9:15 am
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Level 200 - Room 201A

The AERA Business Meeting offers a time for AERA members to discuss important issues regarding education research and the work of AERA. 

Closing Ceremony
Sunday, April 14, 3:05 pm to 4:35 pm
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Level 200 - Room 201A

The closing ceremony features the official transition of the association’s presidential leadership.

For Graduate Students

Diverse group of young adults smiling at the camera Graduate Student Orientation
Graduate students new to AERA and those new to the Annual Meeting will find this session a useful overview of how to make the most of the conference.
Vector graphic of student working on a laptop with books and backpack Graduate Student Research-in-Progress Roundtable Series

The Graduate Student Research-in-Progress Roundtable Series will return as a special component of the Annual Meeting that will give accepted graduate students the opportunity to share and discuss their work in progress on site in Philadelphia. The roundtable series features graduate students who are actively engaged in research but were not yet ready to advance a paper submission in response to the 2024 Call for Submissions.
Friday, April 12 through Sunday, April 14

Special Events in the Exhibit Hall

e-Lightening Ed-Talks
Nearly 330 e-Lightening Ed-Talks will feature selected poster authors presenting their work in the form of brief and engaging presentations. These 4-to-7 minute long talks will be held throughout the day on every day of the meeting in the Exhibit Hall.

Graduate Student and Early Career Poster Sessions
The Annual Meeting will feature the work of recent dissertation fellows and early career scholars.

AERA Promising Scholarship in Education Research: Dissertation Fellows and Their Research
Friday, April 12, 11:25 am to 12:55 pm

Excellence in Education Research: Early Career Scholars and Their Work
Saturday, April 13, 11:25 am to 12:55 pm

2024 AERA Undergraduate Fellows Research Poster Fair
This poster session provides an opportunity for the undergraduate students who are participating in the Undergraduate Student Education Research Training Workshop to visually display their work and receive comments and guidance from the education research community.
Friday, April 12, 4:55 to 6:25 pm

Diverse group of middle school aged kids next to locker smiling at camera

Youth Teams in Education Research Special Program Poster Session
High school students, grouped in teams led by education researchers, will present their work in a featured poster session after participating in a mini-workshop at the meeting where they will discuss their research projects, issues consequential to them, and potential opportunities for continuing to pursue research engagements.
Friday, April 12, 3:05 pm to 4:35 pm

Opportunities for Presenters

AERA i-Presentation Gallery logo image i-Presentation Gallery
All authors are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to be part of the innovative i-Presentation Gallery. Creating an i-Presentation and being part of the Gallery offers authors a web-based product with a citable and discoverable asset. It also offers networking opportunities through this open access portal. Authors with papers accepted for poster presentations must create their poster presentations with the Gallery. The Gallery accommodates PowerPoint and other traditional presentation formats.
AERA Open Paper Repository logo image Online Repository
Authors are encouraged to participate in the voluntary AERA Online Paper Repository and share their papers widely with other scholars in an open access environment. The Online Paper Repository authenticates and time-dates all uploaded papers and assigns a digital object identifier (DOI). The repository also allows citation to subsequent publication to be added.