Communication Resources for Researchers

AERA works proactively to share high-quality education research with scholars, educators, education leaders, policy experts, and the public through its robust media relations program, public events, and website and social media channels. AERA also encourages and supports efforts by its members to disseminate their knowledge broadly. The resources on this page are designed to help researchers share their scholarship in effective ways to inform practice, policy, and public understanding.

Tips for Writing a News Summary of a Study

Writing a brief summary of your research findings that is posted online and shared through social media, sent to reporters with a demonstrated interest in the topic, or disseminated through other means, can help raise awareness of your work and connect with others. Learn more

Crafting an Effective Op-Ed

If your research directly relates to a major issue, locally or nationally, and provides new or counterintuitive evidence that strongly supports a perspective on it, drafting and pitching an op-ed to a news outlet may be a good option. Learn more

What Journalists Look for When Covering Education Research

How do journalists decide what education research to use in their reporting, and when and how do they use it? Check out AERA’s series of Q&As with leading education reporters to learn their insights. Learn more

Voices from the Field—Advice on Communicating Research

See what accomplished communicators in the education research field suggest to successfully share scholarship broadly and engage with the public. Learn more

Crafting Your Work for a General Audience: Researchers and the Mass Media

In these AERA videos, journalists and education researchers discuss how to work with reporters, write op-eds, give an effective presentation, and contribute to the public sphere. Learn more

Other Resources