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Email Newsletter August 2023

August 2023 Email Newsletter 

Dear Educational Change SIG Members,

I hope everyone is grabbing on to these waning days of summer and looking forward to a great year ahead. 

Thank you to those who signed up to review AERA proposals - we appreciate your help and are excited to create another wonderful program. Thank you to Osnat Fellus who works so hard to make this happen!

As usual, we have another wonderful Lead the Change  this month. We are featuring a practitioner scholar - the incredible Nicole Patterson. In addition to recently earning her doctorate, Dr. Patterson is also a principal in Philadelphia Public schools. She speaks about her praxis and calls on others in our field to work to make our system more equitable and just.Thank you to our author and editor Dr. Lamb. Enjoy and if you have suggestions for people to feature or would like to write for us - let us know! 

Job Postings! 

UMass Boston is hiring an Assistant Professor (tenure-track) and Director of Educator Preparation

UMass Boston considers itself a “research university with a teaching soul.” We are Boston’s only public university, the third most diverse university in the United States, an urban-serving institution (and part of the MSI program), and one of the best colleges of education in the nation. We are also located on a beautiful seaside campus in the vibrant neighborhood of Dorchester. 

This is a unique position with a 1-1 teaching load and the remaining workload dedicated to overseeing and developing our teacher preparation programs that span from early childhood to secondary education with an emphasis on justice and equity. This faculty member will work with our excellent practicum office staff who are responsible for placing student teachers and completing state teacher licensure tasks.

Please send us your achievements and news - we would love to feature you and your work! 

As always we are here for your comments, concerns, and suggestions and have a splendid week! 

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Warmest Regards,

Jennie Weiner, Chair
Olga Fellus, Program Chair
Corinne Brion, Secretary/Treasurer
Alex Lamb, Lead the Change Editor
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