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Email Newsletter August 2022

Dear Educational Change SIG Members,

A short newsletter as we are all most likely frantically transitioning to the start of school and catching up on all the things we promised ourselves we would accomplish this summer.

First, thank you to all those who volunteered to be reviewers! We appreciate you and you should be receiving your assignments shortly.  We are thrilled at the volume and quality of the proposals. So proud to be among this incredible community of scholars/practitioners! 

Second, we have a new Lead the Change with Dr. Elizabeth Leisy Stosich, from Fordham University. Fresh off her Division A emerging scholar award, Dr. Stosich speaks to issues of change, coherence, and leadership. Enjoy! 

Third, as the year cranks up, so too will we be offering more opportunities for connection and learning - keep a lookout! 

Int’l Ed News 

Every month, Int’l Ed News (@intl_ed_news) publishes our Lead the Change Interviews.  This month, their site features an interview with the founder of Fount for Nations, Patience Mkandawire.

Thank you to our Partners

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Warmest Regards,

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