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Email Newsletter Mar 2022

Dear Educational Change SIG Members,

Thinking of each of you on this blustery March Morning.  Looking forward to seeing you on screen and/or in person in April.  There are also several Calls from our members, a reminder about an upcoming Mentoring Session on April 7th and a new Lead the Change with Dr. Rebecca Lowenhaupt. 


AERA Business Meeting (April 25th, 6-7:30pm PDT) 

In addition to welcoming one another and reviewing our year, we have the privilege of hearing from Dr. Sarah Fine from High Tech High, who along with a number of aspiring teachers will speak on

Teacher Preparation for the Schools We Need: A Conversation with Staff and Students from the San Diego Teacher Residency at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education

We will be in person at the Grand Hyatt and will figure out ways to stream so all members who wish to attend may do so. Please join us! 

Calls from Members 

BERASAGE International Handbook: Call for Chapters (details attached) 

The British Educational Research Association and SAGE Publishers have agreed a contract to publish a two volume 60 chapter work provisionally titled The BERASAGE International Handbook of Research-Informed Education Policy and Practice. The editors of the handbook are Dominic Wyse (University College London – UCL), Vivienne Baumfield (University of Exeter), Nicole Mockler (University of Sydney) and Martin Reardon (East Carolina University – ECU). The aim of the work is to provide a comprehensive contemporary account of research in the field of research-informed education policy and practice (see appendix for plain language outline of the themes of the work).  

Call for Manuscripts on Teacher Education in the Context of Teacher Shortages

The manuscripts are due June 20th.

Dissertation Call 

My name is Nicole Shanley, and I am a doctoral student at UNC Charlotte. 

My study seeks to investigate and address the lack of a rubric to guide and support the integration of Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies (CSP) and practices in online instruction. To be responsive to the cultural diversity in the US public school system and the growing demand for online educator preparation, there is a need for the integration of CSP in rubrics that support the design of online learning. Currently, our online evaluation rubrics do not incorporate any guidance for including CSP into online learning.

With this in mind, I am looking to conduct a Delphi study with college faculty throughout the United States who have expertise in Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies (CSP). Do you have any contacts or recommendations for professors that you think would be a good fit?

I have created a Google Form to help collect the contact information of potentially interested participants.

Mentoring Session on April 7th

Graduate students and early career scholars can receive feedback and support on their AERA presentations.  

When: Thursday, April 7th at 4pm EST (on zoom)  

How: We will create small groups (2-3) of participants who will be paired with a more advanced scholar based on interests and knowledge. Each participant will present their research (in whatever form it is currently in) and the rest of the group and scholar will provide feedback in 20-minute blocks. There will also be time for general Q&A and debriefing.  

Why: Because we have all been there and want AERA to be the most positive learning and networking experience it can be. 

If interested in participating, please fill out this short survey -  by April 1

Lead the Change

Linked here and online is our March 2022 Lead the Change featuring Dr. Rebecca Lowenhaupt. And, many thanks to Int’l Ed News for publishing all our LTC Issues on their site.  Visit our website to catch up on all our LTC Issues.

Plea to Renew

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Int’l Ed News 

Every month, Int’l Ed News (@intl_ed_news) publishes our Lead the Change Interviews.  This month, their site features snapshots from the Atlantic Rim Collaboratory (ARC) Education Thoughtmeet.

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